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Territory Hunting
  1. Westlander

    Has anyone been able to make contact with Westlander Ltd recently??? They are not answering the phone, not returning messages or replying to emails!!!!
  2. Sold: SHIRT

    Lovely checky shirt, Viyella brand 16" collar size. Only been worn once or twice but a bit tight around the middle for me!!! £15 including postage to mainland UK

    2 brand new MTM Case Guard P100 boxes for 38/357 rounds, each holds 100 - £13 including postage to mainland UK 4 used boxes for 38/357, each holding 50 rounds. Red one is a slip case so lid comes off completely - £10 including postage to mainland UK
  4. Sold: Book "Private Thoughts from a Small Shoot"

    2003 hardback edition, by Laurence Catlow Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Pennines, Catlow's shooting diary records his year as an amateur pheasant rearer, gamekeeper, forester, dog-handler and all-round shooting enthusiast. But he also records his thoughts as he goes around his small...
  5. Sold: Book "The Ethical Carnivore"

    2016 soft back copy of The Ethical Carnivore by Louise Gray. From the back page - Louise Gray decides to be an ethical carnivore and learn to stalk, shoot and fish. Starting small, Louise shucks oysters and catches a trout. As she begins to reconnect with nature, she befriends countrymen and...
  6. "Great Hunting Rifles"

    Bought the above titled book online a few weeks before Christmas as a present my mum could give me so being the good chap I am, I never looked at it. Was reading it this afternoon and thought, hang on I'm sure I've seen that picture already. The pages run 112 113 146 147 116 117 150 151 152 153...
  7. For Sale: Botex Forestry Trailer

    Botex trailer and crane, double bunk 12 ton. Complete bare metal respray, new flotation tyres, all new hoses and bearings, new PTO pump and head board. Price £9750 plus vat ono Trailer is located near Newcastle Upon Tyne and is ready to go to work in the woods or in a firewood yard
  8. Shotgun Cartridges

    I have collected full boxes of unused shotgun cartridges for some time but I made my first purchases at an auction on Sunday, and just collected them today. One lot was 6 boxes of these - FN 12 bore 4SG size, marked 28b presumably for 28 lead balls. Appear to have an aluminium or thin lead case...
  9. Auction Results

    Southams Spring Auction was last Thursday, 1250 lots of shotguns, rifles, ammunition, reloading gear etc. Annoying thing with Southams is they don't show you the current bid so you have to wait until the day and watch it live to bid online. It started at 10am and finished just before 7pm! My...
  10. Wild life camera/trail cam

    I live in a typical three bed semi on a typical 1970s housing estate, we are the last house on the street so have no neighbour at one side and no houses adjoining us directly at the back. I have a six foot fence topped with 18 inches of trellis. For about 6 motnhs now a dog has somehow been...
  11. Enfield Enforcer

    Just thought I would pop a few pictures up of my Enfield Enforcer, number 298. Receiver, magazine and bolt all have matching number and it was originally issued to Durham Constabulary in Jan 1974. I purchased it about 16 months ago whilst looking for a No4. The seller was local, a really nice...
  12. Wanted: Winchester boxes

    Any Winchester brand .308 Winchester boxes and internals looking for a good home??? Don't require the brass. Could be the silver boxes as well. Must be in good condition.
  13. Good Evening

    Hello, I live in the north east of England. Have held shotgun cert for 30 years and FAC for 2. Always been interested in firearms having grown up watching westerns, both films and regular series, and war movies. Hence my collection includes 2 lever actions and a No4 .303! The inner cowboy has...
Territory Hunting