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  1. Thermal imagers - what's available in the UK at the moment

    Thermal imagers for hunting are becoming increasingly popular and more and more products are now available, making it somewhat confusing for both the experienced user and newcomer to get an idea of what's actually available, what it costs, and how it performs compared to other products which may...
  2. PARDs are NOT illegal!!

    I've just seen an e mail from PARD stating that, in collaboration with Sportsman Gun Centre, PARD products containing a vcsel based IR illuminator have: "passed the BS EN 62471 2008 test standard, which shows that the IR light of our equipment can be used legally for lighting purposes" So, no...
  3. Comparison of ATN X Sight and PARD NV008

    My thoughts on the ATN X Sight compared to the PARD NV008 with day and night side by side video. My tin hat is close by to repel rocks from X Sight fan boys :D Cheers Bruce
  4. Sold: PARD NV008LRF (original model)

    PARD NV008LRF original model with V1.25 firmware Virtually as new and comes with Shader 8 sunshade/adjustable aperture and 8 slot dovetail to picatinny adaptor. Mount has been drilled and tapped to provide mechanical elevation adjustment £700 inc RMSD Cheers Bruce
  5. For Sale: Schmidt and Bender 3-12x50, FFP, A7 reticle

    Schmidt and Bender 3-12x50 first focal plane, A7 reticle Optically perfect. Minor marks on the elevation turret cap and on the body near the front ring The scope is shown with a PARD adaptor fitted - this and the scope rings are not included in the sale £500 inc p&p Cheers Bruce
  6. 4 dead with gunshot wounds The Police are not looking for anyone, so it's reasonable to assume that one of the dead did the shooting. If it turns out that the shooter used his/her legally held gun, then standby for even more tightening of the rules around obtaining an...
  7. This might interest some Not me obviously :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Cheers Bruce
  8. For Sale: Pulsar Helion XQ38F

    For sale: Pulsar Helion XQ38F in excellent condition. £1800.00 inc RMSD to anywhere in the UK Just over one year old and in full working order with original box and all original accessories No pics, but plenty of those on line Cheers Bruce
  9. FLIR leaving the consumer thermal market

    It appears that FLIR have pulled out of the consumer thermal market. They will no longer manufacture thermal scopes and only make a very few thermal spotters. I know this won't be a problem to most people on here, but just a warning about FLIR in general. Remember, this is the company that...
  10. More bad news for deer and recreational stalkers in Scotland Cheers Bruce
  11. It appears I am a prisoner!!!

    According to wee Jimmie Krankie (aka Nicola Sturgeon) us "North Britishers" are prisoners of the rest of the UK Sturgeon: Scotland 'cannot be imprisoned' in UK She gets more desperate by the day, and this cheap slogan is going to come back and bite her where it hurts Cheers Bruce
  12. Police removing firearms - what are they legally entitled to take?

    OK, this is very much a hypothetical question because, as far as I'm aware, the police are not coming to take my guns away!! Let's assume that the police have reason to come to your home and remove your firearms and shotguns, and you don't have anyone you can transfer the guns and ammo to. What...
  13. Sold: PARD NV008 fully upgraded

    PARD NV008 with all the latest firmware upgrades installed and tested. Firmware v1.25 has picture in picture mode, more reticles, the ability to save up to 5 profiles, quick start and no crashing when the battery is low or removed when the scope is switched on and increased maximum power for the...
  14. GPs on the fiddle?

    If your GP practice is proving "difficult" at renewal time, then you might want to remind them that they get £150 from the government just for your name being on their list of patients, irrespective of whether you actually ever use their services and that you moving to another GP is going to...
  15. Sold: Sightron S Tac 2.5-17.5 x 56 IR MOA

    This scope is in excellent condition having had little use since purchase from Optics warehouse 1 year ago. It has the covered turrets so that windage and elevation changes can't happen inadvertently £600 inc RMSD to anywhere in the UK Cheers Bruce
  16. Sold: Jagdmatch stock for Weihrauch

    For sale is a rare Jagmatch stock to fit any Weihrauch rimfire or centrefire rifle. In excellent condition £150 plus p&p Cheers Bruce
  17. Sold: Weihrauch HW60J in 22 Hornet

    I'm just not using this rifle as much as it deserves to be used, so it needs to find a new home with someone who will make more use of it than me. It's a Weihrauch HW60J in 22 hornet with 16.5 inch barrel 2 magazines are included, but no moderator, scope or rings. The rifle is in first class...
  18. For Sale: Daystate Huntsman Regal .177 air rifle with Huma regulator

    For sale is my Daystate Huntsman Regal air rifle in 0.177. This rifle is fitted with a Huma regulator and puts out 11.6ftlbs Also included is a hard plastic case, Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x40 scope (no rings), a Huma pressure gauge and spare seals for the regulator Price is £680 including...
  19. Sold: Hawke Frontier 3-15x50 ffp scope

    Hawke Frontier 3-15x50 ffp scope in excellent condition - no marks on body or glass. Comes in original manufacturers box £400.00 Cheers Bruce
  20. Sold: Neil McKillop mount for Drone Pro

    Neil McKillop mount to fit Drone Pro to Tikka M590/595, T3/T3X Only 12 of these were ever made so they're like rocking horse poo £150.00 Cheers Bruce
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