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Leica Amplus 6
  1. Smocks

    I've got the Jack Pyke one. I managed to get it for about £100 on Amazon which was a fair bit cheaper than nearly every other smock out there. Its seeming to hold up well, had it for about 8 months now I suppose using it on my stag season in Scotland as well as farming. I haven't noticed it...
  2. Pump action or semi-auto?

    Yeah thought so. Personally not too bothered by recoil, I've got a couple SIM days booked (fingers crossed for covid restrictions allowing this) and was talking to my mate with a semi who said he would only use it on those days because of the recoil. If I get a pump guess I'll just have to man up!
  3. Pump action or semi-auto?

    How come you reach for the pump everytime?
  4. Pump action or semi-auto?

    Thanks all for the responses. I guess the higher capacity I was thinking would just be nice to have, don't always have to load it to max though. Has anyone used subsonic ammo in a semi auto? Been reading that it's more than likely won't cycle properly, so if / when I do get a moderator for it...
  5. For Sale: Finished up all must go

    Thanks, let me have a think. Currently waiting on my pay to come in and for some bills to come so will have to see how much spare money I have to spend on guns!!
  6. Pump action or semi-auto?

    Hi all, Hope this is the right place on the forum to ask (admin please tell me if not!). I am looking at getting one of these shotguns, in 12 bore I'm pretty sure, for pigeons etc. It will be FAC as I have an open slot on my FAC for one, and am thinking about 7+1 I think. However, I am...
  7. For Sale: Finished up all must go

    How many rounds is the FAC Mossberg? :)
  8. Binocular pouch from Decathlon

    These are good, got one for my binoculars which I used while I was working as seasonal ghillie in the Highlands ... 5 months of use in all weathers (always on top of coats, sometimes getting knocked by dragging / lifting beasts/ jumping in and out of boats/ vehicles etc). Still works perfectly...
  9. Electric headphones/ ear plugs

    Thanks all. Anyone know where best to buy the EEPs
  10. Electric headphones/ ear plugs

    Thanks, probs wouldn't end up stalking in them but good to know that they'd be up to it! What's the difference between the sporting and tactical ones?
  11. Electric headphones/ ear plugs

    Thanks, I do some loading/ pushing buttons on a clay ground so want something that I can hear everything the shooter says while at the same time when I'm shooting not having the ringing in my ears! What's the difference between Leaps and EEPs other than quite a bit of money?!
  12. Electric headphones/ ear plugs

    Wanting people's reviews on electric hearing protection for shooting, predominantly shotguns but also rifles. The most common seems to be the Peltor SportTac which are over ear ones. However, I have seen that you can have in ear ones .... Unfortunately I can't justify the £600 odd for the Cens...
  13. Wanted: New job wanted

    Still looking!
  14. Wanted: New job wanted

    Thank you!
  15. Wanted: New job wanted

    Finishing up as seasonal ghillie on a Scottish Highland Estate soon, and would ideally like to continue in the deer management industry. I will also consider the wider estate management industry (which I have some experience in). Due to certain events happening recently I need to be closer to...
  16. Decathlon Solognac Bino Pouch

    I've got one and used it many days this red stag season (currently a seasonal ghillie in the highlands). Good value for money, and seems to protect the binoculars good enough. No real complaints tbh, I rate decathlon stuff a lot - also got their waist bag which carries knife/ drag rope etc and...
  17. Which waist/bum bag?

    Didn't realise about warranty, thanks! Good to know
  18. Which waist/bum bag?

    I use a decathlon one, about £15. Lots of different pockets, the biggest one is easily big enough for knife/ drag rope/ gloves/ couple of other bits and bobs so probably big enough for the bag!
  19. Cocker for tracking

    I have also been thinking of getting a spaniel (springer / cocker I'm undecided as of yet), but was unsure about if I could have a dog that would behave well on the beating line as well as stalking. Is it possible? I have a black lab which has been slightly ruined by being a family pet so when...
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