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Territory Hunting
  1. Sold: Deerhunter Cumberland trousers

    Bought last summer and they fitted when I tried them on. Wore them for their first outing last week and they appear to have shrunk while in storage. How does that happen??? Size M. Real tree pattern. As new condition. £50 plus postage.
  2. Manufacturers ridiculously varying maximum powder charge data

    I've got a a stack of Nosler AB 130gr bullets and a lot of time , so I've just bought 2 tubs of RL17 in order to work up a load for my 6.5x55Swe Mauser M12. So I started to look up load tables and came up with the following: 1) Alliant website. RL17. Maximum load for 6.5x55 Commercial action is...
  3. Sold: Nosler 6.5mm 120gr Ballistic Tip.

    I've got a sealed box of 50 and 26 loose ones (in shiny condition). £45 which includes postage.
  4. Swap? QL data for an original gallery quality photograph.

    Hi. Help please. I'm after QL load data for 6.5x55SE using Nosler 130gr AB. I'm happy to offer an original gallery quality A4 sized deer photograph of Roe, Fallow or Sika as a swap.
  5. Cerakote action and barrel.

    I'm thinking of having it done. The nearest to me in Wiltshire are Newavon Arms who offer a Cerokote service. Anyone have experience of them? Or Cerakote in general?
  6. Sold: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

    This chrono is in very good condition, no cracks or damage. It has seen little use and is in full working order. £45 plus postage.
  7. NX8 4-32x50 Review

    This scope looks like it's the dogs danglies. Not the most comprehensive review but definitely the most non PC (it's Australian) scope review. Had me laughing and wanting to buy one. Worth the 7 minutes. For those that can't be bothered to watch the video (Link below) this Nightforce scope ticks...
  8. Axion XQ38 is it worth the upgrade?

    I currently have a Quantum Lite XG30V. It struggles a bit when the air temperature and ground temperature are more or less equal. Also in mist and drizzle. Would I see an improvement (and is it worth the upgrade cost) in the Axion XQ38?
  9. Sold: Clothing sort-out. Paramo, Barbour, Rivers West, Ducks Unlimited!

    Hi. It's that time of year, summer stuff away, unbox the winter kit. Unfortunately SWMBO has discovered how much stuff I have and never worn! So I'm down-sizing my wardrobe: See photos Paramo Halcon Coat Size L, and matching Trousers 34" waist. Virtually new. No marks, wear or dirt. RRP for the...
  10. Deerhunter Approach Trousers

    I've used the 'search' but can't find anything about these trousers. Has anyone any first hand experience of these?
  11. Lawrence Precision sound moderators

    Hi. I am aware this is a bit like the Bl---r thing, Marmite! But here goes anyway....... I have saved up a few quid and am looking to replace my Jet Z Compact. The replacement has to be lighter, as slim (40mm) or slimmer, less than 100mm forward of the barrel and be calibre specific for 6.5mm...
  12. For Sale: Nightmaster 800 IR lamp.

    This Nightmaster 800 torch has the adjustable light control unit and battery extension fitted. It comes with a red IR pill and a white pill so it can be used as a very powerful torch. It is in near new condition. Batteries not included but postage is! The whole package costs £150 new. Selling...
  13. For Sale: Spartan Lite Bipod

    Spartan Lite Carbon bipod. This is the standard length bipod fitted with a lever tensioner for cant. In excellent/near mint condition. Comes with box but no rifle adapter. £100 P&P included.
  14. .264 Winchester Magnum?

    Hi. Has anyone got experience or knowledge of the the .264 Win Mag. I know it uses the 6.5mm bullet but that's about it.
  15. Does using jacketed bullets before monoliths affect group size?

    That may seem like a daft question. But I recently fired a proven Barnes TTSX load after 2 groups of B/Tip (10 shots). The barrel was scrubbed clean before I started the session. The B/Tips performed as expected. I let the barrel go cold between each group. Everything else was exactly the same...
  16. Sirius IR torch

    Hi. Trying to get my head round which of these is right for me. The Sirius comes as Standard and with a Diffuser. I want it to go with my PARD007 and an S-TAC 2.5-17x56. Maximum shooting range 250m, but I want to use my 'scope zoom for magnification. Any advice please?
  17. Keela Heritage Ventile smock

    Hi All. I've had a ventile smock 30 years ago, so know what it does and it's characteristcs. But has anyone got, or had, one of these Keela ones? Mainly interested in sizing, for example is a 'size L' Large or Massive? I'm 5'8" so will the sleeves hang down to my knees? Any help will be...
  18. Wanted .270 and 30.06 for a photograph.

    Hi All. I have been commissioned to produce a photograph of the legal and common rifle cartridges used on deer in the UK. I've managed to collect everything from .222 upwards with the exception of .270 and 30.06. If anyone has one of these calibres and is prepared to seat a bullet in an empty...
  19. Sold: LONG SHOT. Boyd thumbhole stock for CZ527.

    I have for sale a Boyd laminate thumbhole stock for a CZ527 .223 cal. This stock is left handed but inletted and pillar bedded by McKillop for a right handed action. Anyone interested?
  20. Loading bench c--k up 6.5x55SE

    Hi. It's confession time for I have sinned. Didn't check the first case out of the body die, then sized another 14 Norma cases. As I went to unscrew the die I realised the lock nut was loose!!! So I've just body sized 15 Norma cases 9thou (measured off the datum with Hornady case comparator)...
Territory Hunting