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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Leica Magnus Flip up Scope Covers

    Can anyone recommend flip up scope covers to suit a Leica Magnus 1.8-12 x50 please? The Butler Creek Website is less than clear on size calculations so wondered if there were any alternatives?
  2. Nightforce flip-up lens caps

    I ordered a set of these for my Nightforce NXS 3-15x50 in February they cost £91.98 and took 6 months to arrive. In a nut shell don't bother, noisy to open and close and you need a quite a firm movement but best of all the objective cover fouls the barrel when mounted so it would open...
  3. 7x64 Availability

    I'm just about to send off for a variation to add a 7x64 and I just had a thought about ammunition availability so rang my local gun shop this afternoon and they said "no chance", I found this hard to believe so rang a couple of others who said not a problem, Well I guess they probably would say...
  4. FLIR one for iPhone

    Has any one tried the FLIR ONE First Generation for iPhone 5/5s ? I am expecting for the price it's probably no more than a gimmick but wondered if it may have a use searching for shot deer in low light when you have a rough idea where to look?
  5. Deer Seasons in France

    Does anyone know where to find info on French Deer Seasons?
  6. Trained Hunter No.

    Received the DSC1 cert. Yesterday :-) Is it safe to assume the trained hunter number is the same as the Certificate number, or does this arrive later?
  7. Rifle Cleaning Advice

    As a novice I would like some advice on rifle cleaning. I have on advice bought a bore snake for my 6.5x55 and my 17HMR My question is should I apply some gun oil to the barrel before cleaning or some on the snake or not at all. Also I would assume you pull the snake from the chamber to the...
  8. Warwickshire Novice Stalker

    Hi all, Pleased I found this forum and looking to listen and learn. I've been shooting air rifles since a very young age and always had a desire for a rifle. A life long friend of mine who has been stalking for many years has encouraged me and helped me get my FAC. Purchased first rifle very...
BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope