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  1. Flir scout 320

    How much are you asking for it?
  2. Leica Magnus Flip up Scope Covers

    Can anyone recommend flip up scope covers to suit a Leica Magnus 1.8-12 x50 please? The Butler Creek Website is less than clear on size calculations so wondered if there were any alternatives?
  3. Nightforce flip-up lens caps

    I ordered a set of these for my Nightforce NXS 3-15x50 in February they cost £91.98 and took 6 months to arrive. In a nut shell don't bother, noisy to open and close and you need a quite a firm movement but best of all the objective cover fouls the barrel when mounted so it would open...
  4. 7x64 Availability

    That's great I hadn't heard of either of those two businesses and they're not a million miles away, I've only really used locally shooting supplies and wildcat. Many thanks
  5. 7x64 Availability

    Thanks for the replies I had a favourable response from Ruag they have stock of all the Norma ones I am interested in just need to pre-order them through a dealer, might have to go further afield than my local shop as they've not been particularly helpful on this one
  6. 7x64 Availability

    Cool thanks, Variation posted :-)
  7. 7x64 Availability

    Thanks for all the replies, not planning on reloading as I don't use much ammo stalking, I emailed RUAG last night so hopefully I will get a definitive answer on availability and which dealer can supply, in the meantime do you have the name of your local guy David so I can give them a call when...
  8. 7x64 Availability

    I'm just about to send off for a variation to add a 7x64 and I just had a thought about ammunition availability so rang my local gun shop this afternoon and they said "no chance", I found this hard to believe so rang a couple of others who said not a problem, Well I guess they probably would say...
  9. Someone to prep and mount a Fallow skull/antlers around Worcs

    Many thanks to Wildfowler1, who has done a great job of preparing two fallow heads for me. I will be back with more , just got to shoot them first :-)
  10. Hard rifle case

    I originally looked at Peli and was put off by the price, I settled for two of these excellent value and do the job perfectly well. They also do two other slightly smaller sizes. Flambeau Double Gun Case |
  11. Casserole recipes

    Venison Caserole I am sure this would be fine in a slow cooker. Tastes bloody awesome . Hopefully I have managed to attach it corerectly
  12. Petitions

    Done the lead one, can't find the John Muir one ! Any clues to a link please?
  13. Petitions

  14. Someone to prep and mount a Fallow skull/antlers around Worcs

    Hi Ian did you manage to find anyone yet as I am in the same boat? I have a fallow head in a mates freezer that needs boiling out and the skull mounting and I shot another on Friday night and there's no room to store it. I'm in Alcester so if you have got a local contact it would be good to...
  15. FLIR one for iPhone

    Your right Bruce, not going to bother. You get what you pay for it was wishful thinking :-)
  16. FLIR one for iPhone

    It's actually only £129.99 directly on the FLIR website. The First generation one actually looks ergonomically better but its probably not as good as the new one for IOS, which looks like it will get knocked off and knacker your lighting connector plus that one is £199
  17. FLIR one for iPhone

    Thanks for that info, I had a read of the review and someone recommends an alternative but it's about the 3 times the price. I guess the dilemma is it's very cheap for a thermal imaging camera but a lot of money to blow if it's useless. I need to get a demo from somewhere really Thanks anyway...
  18. FLIR one for iPhone

    Has any one tried the FLIR ONE First Generation for iPhone 5/5s ? I am expecting for the price it's probably no more than a gimmick but wondered if it may have a use searching for shot deer in low light when you have a rough idea where to look?
  19. 9th fallow 1st Buck

    9th fallow 1st Buck

    2nd fallow of the weekend, Swapped rifles with my son for a change and shot this with his Sako75 243. Hopefully mount this one at some point.