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  1. For Sale: Fox Red Labrador pups

    Hi yes there is still 2x bitches available, there’s a chap coming to view the pups tonight but he’s undecided as to what he wants
  2. Pup wanted

    There’s another member just put a post up looking for a stud dog for a bitch that’s just come in season, it might be worth dropping him a message
  3. For Sale: Fox Red Labrador pups

    The bitch in the middle has been reserved only 2x bitches and 4x dogs remain. Thanks
  4. Fox Calibre

  5. For Sale: Fox Red Labrador pups

    Three bitches available, the one on the left as you look at it is probably the smaller of the three
  6. For Sale: Fox Red Labrador pups

    Fox Red Labrador puppies for sale Some dogs and bitches available and looking for forever homes Sire has been extensively health tested and is DNA tested clear for all the usual tests PRA, SD2 etc, clear eye test and excellent hip and elbow scores. Dam is lovely working Bitch bred by Alec...
  7. Trophy sika stag off set shoulder mount

    Very nice fantastic job 👍👍
  8. Gold Medal Muntjac Mount

    Very nice mount that well done
  9. Northumberland Roe

    Good write up enjoyed reading that
  10. Grouse .204

    Comment by 'Grouse .204' in media '20210606_223241.jpg'

    Very nice buck
  11. Word association game for the bored.

  12. Available: 2 Day trip to SERBIA FOREST 60 DRIVEN WILD BOAR 27th NOV back 30th 2021

    Definitely the sort of thing I’d be interested in in the future. Sounds a great package
  13. Available: Leopard hunt Zimbabwe option Elephant and Buffalo

    Definitely one for the bucket list
  14. Tracking Dachshund Supreme

    Shame it’s not worked out this time I know a friend has been through similar headaches trying to import a GWP. I bet it’s been as frustrating for the breeders on the continent as it has been for the would be buyers on this side
  15. Show us your sunsets.

  16. Show us your sunsets.

  17. Show us your sunsets.

    One of my recent sunset snaps
  18. For Sale: Springer spaniel pups

    Like the look of the sire have a bump on me
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