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  1. Must Be Nailed With Copper

    And watch your backstop: K
  2. Slow Moment

    Mindful "Vinyl Friday" has, for the most part, remained wedded to Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie-Woogie type of music despite encouraging the posting of all types including so-called "Classical", I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to head where the aforementioned (or anything vaguely...
  3. Good Day:

  4. Wanted: Federal Gold Match Primers

    I wish to purchase the following but sadly the SD Trade Member I’ve both PM’d and emailed (website/shop address) seems uninterested in responding so hopefully there is someone of a desire to take my money. Shopping list as follows and I’m not looking for a discount: 2000 Federal Gold Match...
  5. Just Signed Up For One:

    But will need to sell a couple of scopes! K
  6. Land-Rover Haters Make Ready

    Saturday 17th April 2021 A hint: K
  7. Knife Sharpening Skills

    This is worth a watch on a number of fronts: K
  8. Sold: Dumoulin Mauser Action Scope Mount Screws

    Four (4) of the correct thread size & pitch and compatible with Apel mounts please. Don’t mind if they are slot or hex head or if all the same length as I can trim accordingly. Thanks K
  9. Today I’ve Mostly

    Been Re-Profiling Fooooked Heads: Prior to blueing. K Ps: Keep an eye on the Classifieds if you fancy a bargain priced Dumoulin in 243.
  10. Field Archery Down Under

    These archers are very good: K
  11. Selling A Rifle

    OK so I’m sure this has been done to death elsewhere but bear with me please as I’m not the brightest match in the box and like to be certain about such things. The scenario/challenge: A Stalking Directory member wishes to purchase one of my rifles but is at the other end of the country...
  12. Winter On Your Screen

    From SD's favorite program maker and channel: K
  13. Sold: Black Islander Gaiters

    Worn only a couple of times as the picture suggests: £60 posted K
  14. I Don’t Like Black Straps/Slings!

    Well at least for the most part so when Swarovski declined my request for a green strap to replace the incongruous black one supplied with my new olive 7x42GA poro bins I set to work as one must: K
  15. Sold: NZ Made Camo Swanndri With Deer Hunter Legend Detailing

    £499.00 Posted UK Only No Offers No Heckling
  16. Scope Value

    Any idea please? It’s surprisingly bright & clear. Both the dot and post illuminate so you have two options for point of aim and zeroing: Thanks K
  17. A Hornet In Hand

    Is Worth Being Rather Careful! K
  18. Sold: Zeiss Design Collection ( Night Owls ) 7x45 B T*P*

    Looking for a pair in “very good” condition and must be given of the green rubber armouring please. Thank you K
  19. Sold: Brian Sampson Mini Skinner

    Any interest in this fine piece of kit from a sadly long departed Maker? £110.00 K