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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. Blaser R8 Professional or Success

    .375 in a GRS stock with a mod fitted is just sweet no kickstop or anything else required.
  2. Obsolete caliber cases .310
  3. Dedicated high seat rifle & dedicated stalking rifle but the same calibre?

    Why not if it gives you good reason to have a second rifle, you go out in the morning trip and clatter the rifle but don’t have time to check the zero put dropped rifle in the cabinet and take out rifle 2.
  4. Show us your sunsets.

  5. Fixed Seat Hunting - Poll

    £60 a morning or evening sounds reasonable and maybe £100 if you do both, really good for people without their own patch and wanting help towards gaining experience.
  6. 308 brass,

    Thanks for the offer I’ll pm my details to send it.
  7. Oxford students at it again

    Looks like the Rhodes statue is kicking off as lecturerS won’t teach students fron one college until it’s torn down.
  8. Oxford students at it again

    It’s not the taking down of the picture (though I wouldn’t support that) it’s the reason that it is a reminder of a colonial past which makes the common room uninviting BS I bet half them never even noticed it . it is about some people feeling important.
  9. Oxford students at it again

    They voted not to do it because it would cost to much I read. Be interesting to see what they put up instead. Funny how in the Queens time it was the correct thing to give countries their independence, now it’s Britain’s fault they created their own misery.
  10. Get off my land!

    He might of been innocent and nothing to do with the previous criminal acts carried out on the farmers property but everyone has a breaking point and this lad found it.
  11. And these clowns are running the country (God help us)

    All well and good but was the owner of Fenton fined the same after a viral video? Carl exactly my point.
  12. Replacing three rifles with just the one.

    Don’t sell any if you need to get some time back use factory ammo until you have gained the time to reload again.
  13. The mentoring system

    I don’t see how you can suggest 4 deer witnessed by a mentor when you can do lvl 1 & 2 with less deer accounted for.
  14. Try Go Vegan ............

    I’m guessing no by burger king announcing a meat free restaurant.
  15. An excellent piece on trophy hunting

    Going out there and shooting them is he cheap bit, getting them shipped back to the UK that’s where you need deep pockets🤣
  16. An excellent piece on trophy hunting

    If you bring back heads or mounts then you bring back trophies, they don’t have to be medals to be trophies.
  17. Sold: Richiee Nankz Knivez

    Very nice
  18. Zoom range on optics

    I know hard in the current times but get out look through some and see which one you like the best.
  19. Blaser Bolt Head

    So I imagine it will be bolt head no visible serial number entered if you cant read it
  20. Nebosh National General Certificate

    Well if you’re currently studying keep going and study harder.
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