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  1. Available: National Trust - Ashridge

    Deer stalking contract up for grabs Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire National Trust is inviting tenders to deliver deer management over the next five years. This is an exciting opportunity for skilled and experienced stalkers to work with the National Trust in this...
  2. Vacancy: Game and wildlife roles in Canada

    Significant job offer, Canada. Please note, any/all applicants must email on the address supplied. The roles are Game and Habitat Team members. For exceptional candidates this could potentially lead to Canadian residency. Due to experience required plus scheme/immigration applicants need to...
  3. Quad courses: LANTRA Vs C&G?

    Yes please, can you send details Dave? Thanks
  4. Quad courses: LANTRA Vs C&G?

    Can I ask what your landowner i.e. FLS, FE, Forestry Company etc require for a quad skills certification, is it LANTRA, City & Guilds or either? Thanks Nick

    Please reply to this account sorry
  6. First red calf

    Where are you based cyberstag? In fairness the title of my post was a bit misleading as some we saw at foot the next day looked a week or two old, however first week in June is the peak calving in the Highlands based on my past tagging experience.
  7. BDS North West England Range Day, Sunday 6th June, Grayrigg, Cumbria

    Or from the same Aussie shock jock video the guy who had one leg longer than the other, know as 'The Sniper's Nightmare!' :lol:
  8. Not seen any Roe twins.

    Any hill shepherd would agree with that
  9. Not seen any Roe twins.

    From what I have seen and read I think it's mainly feed related so that is A. quality and B. quantity. Where I was stalking this week in the hills of Perthshire all does on the hill had/have single young and lower down in the fenced plantations mainly twins. Ronnie Rose at Eskdalemuir used to...
  10. When Will We Be Hunting Abroad

    The reply from my MP below. I will reply when I have done some research but the issue is around the ambiguity of the word ‘endangered’ i.e. elephant are rare in some areas and at serious pest levels in others. I will also point out we are dictating wildlife management policies to foreign...
  11. First red calf

    Indeed it lifts the heart, they are perfect!
  12. Hi from Sybarite Sporting

    He's not a bad Ghillie!
  13. Hi from Sybarite Sporting

    Nice way to have my stalk ruined though!! :lol:
  14. First red calf

    Out stalking roebucks on the hill in Perthshire and came across this little beauty, we have seen a few at foot this week. The far hill bucks still in velvet here and mainly winter coat, green growth is very late coming. It was a tough long, Winter and early Spring.
  15. BDS North West England Range Day, Sunday 6th June, Grayrigg, Cumbria

    Yesterday at Grayrigg saw our first range day back and we were rewarded with blazing sunshine in the beautiful Lake District. Even with 45 shooters we were oversubscribed. The focus of the day was non-lead ammunition, Committee member Andy Massingham of Bowland Custom riflesmith, vet Simon Roch...
  16. BDS North West England Range Day, Sunday 6th June, Grayrigg, Cumbria

    I'd say at least half an hour before so you have can register and have the safety etc briefing whilst the prior detail are shooting. Weather forecast looks perfect.
  17. 30:06 factory non lead

    Hi, as anyone used RWS Evo Green 139g or Geco Lead Free 136g? If so your views on either please. Especially through a Sako 85. Thanks Nick
  18. Wanted: 7 or 8 gun rifle cabinet

    I'm after a cabinet for 7/8/9 guns, average contents would be x4 scoped rifles and x2 O/U shotguns. To comply with Lancs Police needs to have lockable top section for bolt and ammo. Would prefer to collect North West England. Thanks Nick Jackson
  19. Sold: Wanted .243 or .270 complete stalking set up

    A pal was looking at this the other day, sako .243 with Minox scope and Wildcat mod.
  20. When Will We Be Hunting Abroad

    The government are only in consultation so have published zero detail around what species, however they have changed their stance in the last couple of weeks to state of 'endangered species' however that is, of course very vague and a species can be endangered in one country and at pest levels...
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