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  1. For Sale: For sale 223 RCBS Reloading dies

    RCBS reloading dies set in .223 Rem £30 plus postage Regards Steve Tel: 07712 305385
  2. Parker Hale bedding?

    Good afternoon, I have a Parker Hale model 1200 I have been playing around with in .243. I notice the stock is currently not free floating and has an amount of pre tension on it. This appears to be common on a lot of the old Mauser actioned rifles. Has anyone carried out any accurisation work on...
  3. Winchester 94-22

    Hi there, I am looking for a supplier of an Extractor (right upper) for a Winchester 94-22 lever action rifle. They cost about $15 in the US. Can anyone point me in the right direction in the UK please? Many thanks Steve
  4. Vorn rucksacks

    Has anyone seen and possibly tried the new Vorn Rucksacks? they look good but do they justify the underpant shittingly high price for something made in China? regards Steve
  5. Shooting Show any good?

    Anyone been to the Shooting Show today at Stoneleigh? Any good this year? Regards Steve
  6. CZ 455 Barrel change

    Morning all, I have a .22 CZ 455 and have read on the CZ website and elsewhere that the barrels are easy to change to another Rimfire calibre. I would like to get a .17 HMR barrel as well. has anyone else tried this please? Are barrels easy to get hold of? Kind regards Steve
  7. Replacement Chiller

    Good morning. My deer chiller has just committed suicide. It was a decent one a Fisher, our fridge man has priced up the replacement evaporator and control panel with labour for just over a grand. I am looking to replace it with a unit which can handle a dressed fallow buck or a couple of does...
  8. Night Vision repair

    Good Afternoon and a Happy New Year to you all. My Night Vision Scope (Please see above) has finally given up the ghost. It did work quite well for rabbits and the odd fox but has now finally died. I found it in Kosovo. Know nothing about it and wondered if anyone can identify it please? Does...
  9. Venison Price

    Hi, could anyone tell me what the Game dealers are currently paying for red stags cleanly shot please? I know our estate uses highland game. I am only interested as I need to pay for two carcasses and got my pants pulled down last time. Thanks in advance Steve
  10. UKSHA Facebook page

    Good evening, I wanted to invite everyone to have a look at our facebook page. We have a wealth of information on there regarding tracking and recent tracks including plenty of pictures. Please feel free to have a look if you have a spare minute...
  11. Going the extra mile

    I spent an excellent day on the range yesterday with John at Orion Firearms Training in Wales, being ex military I thought I knew a bit about rifles until I met John. He soon got me shooting out to 800m until the weather closed in and we had to stop. I will definitely be going back. Whilst on...
  12. Cartridge identification

    Good evening, I am trying to identify a cartridge base for a friend. I am Ex-EOD myself and have not seen this before but I think it could be either a large calibre flare gun or more likely a large engine starter cartridge perhaps for tanks, aircraft or submarines. All that is left is the head...
  13. Request to help an Iraq Veteran please?

    Hi, I run a tree surgery company and I am ex forces as are some of my blokes who work for me. I am also involved with a charity which helps modern day veterans who are often battle scarred, to find a job in civilian life. I currently have one such veteran, Mark, who saw heavy action in the...
  14. Stalking hat

    I am looking for a decent warm and waterproof hat for stalking, not really into baseball caps or the Sherlock Holmes look, Can anyone recommend a sensible in between compromise please? ATB Steve
  15. Nomad clothing

    Just got my Nomad Gameshooter coat supplied by Hunters cabin from the Stalking Directory. Big thanks to Steve at Hunters Cabin for the excellent service. The coat is really well made and will hopefully not be as hot and sweaty as my Ridgeline smock Regards Steve
  16. Looking to replace my .22 rimfire

    I am looking to replace my rather tired Mauser 107 .22 lfb bolt action rifle. I have seen the CZ 452 silhouette but now also the zkm 455 thumbhole. There is also the Weihrauch HW 60 and the Anschutz XIV. does anyone own any of the above or have any sound advice please? I currently run a 12"...
  17. Scottish Venison prices

    Hi, Has anyone put a hind into Scottish venison gamedealers this week and could you tell me what they are paying at the minute please? I have a bill to settle for two carcasses and I dont know what to pay. Many thanks Steve
  18. Sight adjustments

    Hi, I am after some advice. I have a military background and understanding of rifles and adjustments. I have recently bought a sight with adjustable target turrets in 1/4 minute clicks. I am sure this equates to 6mm (approx) per click adjustment at 100m. Am I right in saying this will double at...
  19. Ratel stalking rifle

    Just wanted to thank Mike Norris at Brock and Norris for his meticulous attention to detail in building my new rifle. He spent 6 hours with me yesterday adding the final touches and even giving me an impromptu reloading lesson to ensure the ammo comes up to spec. It is in 7mm-08 and the rifle...
  20. Help with variation wording please

    Hi Everyone, I currently own a .308Win stalking rifle which is unmoderated, it is an older Steyr model L and is ideal for stags on the hill. I run a tree surgery business and get regularly asked to carry out deer management as part of a planting plan for example. I would like to buy a new rifle...