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  1. What rifle sling with roe sack?

    What rifle sling are you guys using with a roe sack and bino harness? I struggle to keep mine on my shoulder with a standard style Nigelloh and quake claw - the bag stops me getting it far enough on my shoulder to stay put. Do z-aim or roetex work with them? Thanks Steve
  2. Sold: Haix boots

    Haix High liability waterproof boots. Size 10W. Grade 1 military surplus, bought on eBay and worn by me once. Spare set of laces (used) included. £50 posted. No offers. Thanks Steve
  3. Wanted: Viper Flex sticks

    Just checking it anyone has any they want to shift on before I fork out on new?
  4. Sold: Altberg Boots

    I’m reluctantly selling my Altberg Kisdon boots. Size 9 1/2, bought at the end of 2020 and only worn a handful of times since on very gentle trails (national trust visits with the kids!). I reckon they have done about 12 miles, so not even worn in. They...
  5. Sold: Tourbon cheek riser

    As title, brand new, never used but not in its original packaging. Very good quality bit of kit, it is just a little too high for me. £17.50 posted RM 2nd class.
  6. Boyds stocks

    I’m considering a boyds stock for my tikka m65 in 270. The prairie hunter looks smart and I want an adjustable cheek piece so it would probably be that one. I would be interested to hear from anyone that has one and can give some feedback. Are they heavy? Where did you get it from (I think...
  7. Wanted: Tikka M65 stock

    I have a Tikka M65 in 270. Appreciate it’s a long shot, but if anyone has a spare stock lying around then I would be interested to hear from them. Please PM with details.
  8. Sold: Thermal trousers

    Reversible ex-military thermal trousers with stuff sack - size XXL. They’re like sleeping bags for your legs. Half zip on leg so easy to get on/off over boots. Bought from a mil surplus shop ages ago but they are way too big for me so have barely been used. I bought them to wear over my...
  9. Wanted: Ludicrous Lumens T20 - IR pill

    Please let me know if you have one, either for sale or swap for a red pill. Thanks Steve
  10. Sold: Tikka M595 .243 5 shot magazine

    As title. PM me if you have one going spare. Thanks
  11. Sold: Scope for 243

    Hi, I’m after a scope for a 243 to possibly pair with a pard nv007. The requirements are fairly specific for lots of reasons but it’s worth a shot; - up to 56mm objective - 1 inch or 30mm tube - min x12 top end zoom - side parralax adjustment (definitely not AO) - preferably illuminated but...
  12. Sold: Optilock medium 30mm blued rings

    In need of some medium 30mm blued rings. Thanks
  13. Sold: Ludicrous lumens T20 (white)

    I’m after a white lamp unit for a Ludicrous Lumens T20 lamp that I bought a good few years ago now. Thanks
  14. Sold: Nikko 4-12x50 Mountmaster

    As title with mil dot reticle and adjustable objective. It was mounted on my .22lr for a very short time until I replaced it with something a bit fancier. Have kept it as a spare since but it hasn’t been needed so has just been sat in the cupboard. Excellent condition. Having a clearout so...
  15. Sold: MAE/PES T12 Moderator

    I have an MAE T12 moderator for sale. Sprayed matt black and in good condition aside from a few light surface scratches (see photos). Thread is 1/2 unf and it has been used mainly on my 270 (listed as 270 on my ticket) but also on my 243 and it does a good job on both. I’ve had this from...
  16. HELP!! - MISSING DOG - Wrexham area

    A mate LOST his 8 yr old male smooth haired lurcher near nant mill area off Wrexham on Saturday afternoon. If anyone has found him or has any information PLEASE contact me by PM - he's sorely missed. Your help in spreading the word would be much appreciated. This is already on facebook and...
  17. Countryfile show excludes gun trade

    Has anyone seen the articles about them excluding gun traders, shops, etc, from this show? Absolutely disgusting in my view and completely destroys any illusion of the impartiality the BBC are supposed to have. They are lumping the shooting community into the same category as criminals! I...
  18. Wanted: Muntjac stalking

    As per the title, I am looking for muntjac stalking for up to 3 (most likely 2) on a weekend towards end of March/early April. Highseat is fine, location is preferably less than 2 hours from Telford or Wrexham. We are not after trophies, just getting out and hopefully putting something in the...
  19. Zeiss 6x42

    Considering parting with my zeiss diatal za T* 6x42, West German built. Not made up my mind yet, it's a quality scope but I would prefer something with a higher mag and illuminated reticle. For starters I have absolutely no idea what it's worth, any thoughts please guys? I would say it's in...
  20. Wanted: Cull stalking

    Looking for a days cull stalking in the next month or so for a group of up to 3. Weekends only, max 2 hours travel from Telford or Wrexham. Not interested in trophies, only getting out and coming home with some meat for the freezer. All have own rifles and insurance. If anyone has...
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