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  1. Sold: Marlin Picatinny rail

    Hi is this still for sale please? Kind regards Steve
  2. Sold: Lee Enfield .410g

    I have one here which is FAC, tatty but good working order
  3. FX FAC Air Rifle and Slugs

    I have done a lot of testing with an FAC Impact in .22 and mainly use Wildman 27 grain slugs or the JSB Monster Redesigned in 25.39. It comfortably groups sub MOA at 100m with the slugs and the JSBs if its not windy. Currently I have been running it around 820fps to see how low it will go with...
  4. Hello From Essex/Suffolk

    Welcome mate, Air Ranger still performing???
  5. Sold: Air Arms Hi Power Jackal

    I'll take it please
  6. Air rifle servicing

    Happy to help but in North Essex
  7. Browning B80 replacement mag tube

    GMK sell mag tubes for the 303 as I have just done one. Crimped they are too
  8. Best 10+ Gun cabinet

    I have a couple of Lokaway LOK LS1 cabinets they have bee brilliant, good value for money
  9. Sold: Theoben Rapid MK1 .22

    PM Sent
  10. Anyone use vintage or military rifles for stalking

    great to see that pic mate. May he rest in peace
  11. Magnum moderators

    I have the Wildcat Predator 12 +1 on my .300 wsm. I am really pleased with it
  12. Selling A Rifle

    Exactly as above I have done six of these for customers this week Regards Steve
  13. Sold: Price dropped 7mm08

    I did the load development on this rifle and can confirm it will be a great buy for someone. Shoots very nicely
  14. Jagdterrier

    Proper roofless he is!!
  15. Jagdterrier

    Mine is 7 months old now and came from Germany. I have never seen such sharpness and prey drive in any other dog I have owned. He has done a couple of live tracks now with great success. He doesn’t go off the lead very often......
  16. Air arms s410 accuracy

    +1 for checking the barrel band between the cylinder and the barrel, two small allen grub screws secure it
  17. Sold: Winchester 70 Coyote SA Laminate Stock

    Do you have a picture please?
  18. Long memories in Sudbury, Suffolk?

    I am right near there and in the trade. I will ask a few of my old boys who come in for you. Regards Steve
  19. Importing GWP

    It’s all on hold now but thanks for your advice
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