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  1. Snake's Knives, input wanted

    The Bottom one
  2. Holding a bag of Cardano?

    I thought it was a motorway services just out side Bristol...
  3. Metropolitan Police officer arrested

    No need to clear up anything with me, non of any thing I wrote was directed at anyone directly just disappointed in the direction the thread was going. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  4. Metropolitan Police officer arrested

    Unfortunately everyone seems to have forgotten that a young lady has lost her life in a horrific incident, what occupation the alleged perpetrator undertakes is in my opinion not important at THIS time. There is good and bad in every walk of life from the humble road sweeper all the way to the...
  5. Drone Stalking - A Modern Option?

    As already said by some on here,personally I enjoy the experience, the walking, the expectations of what is around that corner or over that hill, at times I even enjoy the drag out if I have been successful. (strange I know). I can see the use commercially for forestry, deer counts etc but not...
  6. Word association game for the bored.

  7. Word association game for the bored.

  8. Word association game for the bored.

  9. Word association game for the bored.

  10. Word association game for the bored.

  11. Word association game for the bored.

  12. Six Nations tomorrow........

    Not a classic but a wins a win, fair play to Ireland to put up that performance with 14 men, tough last 5 minutes to watch.. Hope Ken Owens gets down the range for a couple of hours as he needs to re-zero his throwing in at the line outs..
  13. Word association game for the bored.

  14. Busy morning!

    Well done, great looking set up on your quad👍
  15. Six Nations tomorrow........

    Always had the passion and the faith its the reality I struggle to cope with 🙏
  16. Six Nations tomorrow........

    Thanks for that,
  17. Six Nations tomorrow........

    Totally agree, can't beat a good open game and the win which ever way is the icing on the cake, shame no crowds probably the best atmosphere of any game between Wales and Ireland been over a few times many years ago but can't remember much about it. 🍺🍺🍻
  18. Six Nations tomorrow........

    Great result for Scotland, hope we can do the same tomorrow against the Irish. But iam not holding my breath. 🤞🤞🤞
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