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  1. sportingagent .com

    If you sent an email to sproting agent then I think I may know why! Try sporting agent! :lol: Sorry, other than wise cracks, I am no use....... :oops:
  2. Poor Manners In This Section

    DL, You are probably right. I generally have more manners than that unless I have been on the Gin! :lol:
  3. Poor Manners In This Section

    Well done Malc, once again! Well Tony, all I can say is keep trying. If nothing else, get out and do some free vermin control, keep mentioning is to any landowners you know and other than that, keep door knocking. Sometimes this can make you feel like a pikey looking for scrap but sometimes it...
  4. Poor Manners In This Section

    Difficult one this. I think that coming on purely to offer stalking for profit is not acceptable. All businesses have to pay for advertising so why should Stalking Directory be a freeby! On the point of coming on and asking if stalking is available, well if I remember correctly, I think that I...
  5. Dirty Low Life Scum!

    I am one happy bunny today. Chester turned up at 8.30 this morning. :lol: :lol: :lol: He had some paint on his head? very oily coat and had had his tag removed but other that that he was fine. He was not hungry or thirsty so had obviously been looked after. We still have no idea who took...
  6. Dirty Low Life Scum!

    Cheers guys, I appreciate it!
  7. Dirty Low Life Scum!

    We are just north of Tonbridge. Yes, we are all devastated, even my wife who always said she could live quite happily without dogs! He is chipped and was wearing his collar with tag for a change. I thought we were going to get a call to see if they could claim a reward for finding him but the...
  8. Dirty Low Life Scum!

    Just thought I would post to air my news. On thursday at about 4pm my Springer Spaniel dissapearred from the fish farm. He was lying in the sun chewing on a venison bone one minute and then gone. He is not one to run off but, as you can imagine, we have searched every square inch of the area...
  9. A pond in there somewhere.

    I would just get the round-up bioactive out and give it a blast. Will kill o the grass without killing anything alive. You could mechanically remove it but it will be bloody had work. Still, us fish farmers don't ever like pulling weed out by hand! :lol:
  10. Did he do something to upset it?

    I love the ay he says, "we're not doing that any more!". No s**t Sherlock!!!!! :lol:
  11. Bear Hunter

    Adult Content!!!! :lol: Mick from Texas decided to take a bear hunting trip to the Rockies. He got himself organised and packed his .270 and plenty of ammo and set off on his holiday. The first morning he woke at first light, put his Rifle over his shoulder and left the log cabin. The...
  12. which insurance ???

    I believe you get overseas insurance with the BASC. Do you get that with other policies? I am hopefully off to Africa later this year.
  13. Passion for Stalking, one for Dave/6.5X55

    You are a mere stalking directory whipper snapper young Tika. I am old grey beard! :lol:
  14. Passion for Stalking, one for Dave/6.5X55

    I know exactly where you are coming from Tika. I come on and read this drivel and can't be bothered to even look at other threads, I just log off and take at alook at another site or egay! It is a shame and devalues a quality site. :cry:
  15. Your user name.

    Got my user name from my twin brother. Identicle but I have a bigger weapon!
  16. St Huberts Club of Gt Britain?

    Sorry Ian, I totally agree. Wrong place wrong time! :lol: Back to St Huberts!
  17. St Huberts Club of Gt Britain?

    WS, I don't think anyone would argue that the masons do a lot of good for themselves and others but, they thrive on their own mysterious secrecy. They do not want people to know what they are up to when they wear their aprons. I am afraid this sort of attitude is what encourages the jokes and...
  18. dodgy bullet

    You know me Wadas. Never one for using a textbook unless I can hit something with it! Funnily enough, we cleared out the footwell of my truck the other day and there were a few .22 rounds in with the crud where the old ruger had jammed while rabbit bopping. Decided to throw it all in the...
  19. dodgy bullet

    Surely you can take the head off and then just throw it is a bonfire. It will go bang but nothing will hit anyone! Please correct me if I am wrong as this is what I have done before.
  20. Stalking Available

    Sorry SDD, I think I am wearing those rose coloured specs that you are looking for. *.!!**£££"!"£" W***£$$£>>***
CDSG Shooting Sports