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  1. Latest project

    Filling in time whilst I am locked down.
  2. Has something like this happened to you ??

    Happy New Year one and all. I am a pretty basic, straight forward meat n two veg kind of guy. I keep an open mind and take an interest in most things. However, I had an experience when I was out this for an armed walk that I have no explanation for and am curious if anyone else has had a...
  3. Value of a gold medal head

    I’m not going to post a picture so appreciate any guidance will be ball park. I have a very dark gold medal roe buck head that is unusual in that it has 3 or 4 smaller tines around the base. What value would you put on it ? Thanks for your guidance D
  4. Lens clouding

    I bought a ( used ) S&B 8X56 to replace a Zeiss Diavari that I had been using since year dot. The Zeiss was a great scope but towards the end of its life started to get what I can only describe as a white cloud when looking through it at dusk/low light. It owed me nothing and was not worth...
  5. Choctaw

    Hi Really simple use of materials with the application of lots of elbow grease but it's another gift ! Scales are 3000 year old bog oak with red liners. Next one is for me though as this is getting ridiculous ! Cheers D
  6. Medal worthy ??

    Again problems getting pictures to load so I have put it in members photos. I'm not a trophy shooter so I am interested in your opinions on whether the buck is worth having assessed ? Best head I've taken over the season, although the body wasn't as big as the head would suggest. Best wishes D
  7. Simple wee knife

    Apologies for the faff but I can't seem to get the images uploaded to this post but they went to members gallery. Been a while since I have been able to get anything done in the workshop but I was given some seasoned Ash but one of my guys and as a thank you I made him a knife using it for...
  8. Wanted: 8X56 Illuminated

    Hi I'm in the market for an 8x56 illuminated, Swaro, Zeiss or S&B. Please drop me a PM if you have one for sale. Many thanks David
  9. Dicksons of Edinburgh

    End of an era. Dicksons is closing its doors at the end of next month. Been around for nearly 200 years and I think I am right in saying it is the last gun room in Edinburgh. A real shame. Wish Gary and the team there all the best for the future.
  10. Latest project - Storm

    Ladies and gents may I introduce you to Storm. Crushed silver and acrylic scales over 3mm red vulcanized fibre liners. A red mocaic pin, a black mosaic pin and finally two stainless pins to hold it all in place. A great deer blade, long and narrow with the cutting edge running virtually the...
  11. Latest project - not a hunting knife this time !

    Apparently variety is the spice of life and this one definitely came out of left field ! A cake slice made from a Red deer tine topped and tailed with some polished buffalo horn and some green and purple poly-carbonate. Pretty straight forward to make but very individual in its appearance...
  12. Finished knife - The Jack

    A union of 3 colours, red, white and blue so simply called Jack. Blue micarta scales over white and red liners with two stainless pins. Blade is hand made by a friend of mine and is a great deer blade, long and narrow with the cutting edge running virtually the full length. I've left a bit of...
  13. Can deer see beam from rangefinder ?

    I'm interested in others thoughts, opinion and experiences. I've been using a pair of rangefinding bins ( Leica ) for a couple of months now. Great bins no issues there. What I have noticed is that I can watch a beast going about their business but as soon as I check its range the head is up...
  14. Fish priests

    Antler fish priests with red vulcanized fibre liners and polished buffalo horn. Finished with a brass lanyard tube, leather lanyard and antler tip toggle. For sale in the classifieds. Thanks for looking. Best wishes David
  15. Another project - Tango

    Great wee gralloching knife that you won't lose ! Hand made blade with Orange G10 scales over blue vulcanized fibre liners and a stainless pin. Kydex sheath with Boker belt clip. I originally built this to be sold on SD but it has now gone elsewhere. I do have a set of neon green scales with...
  16. Latest projects

    Another Polish blade. Black Micarta scales over red vulcanized fibre liners. Stainless pins and a mosaic pin. I prefer to carry my knife in my leg pocket so I designed this Kydex sheath with a removable dangler just in case you did the same. Again, built originally to be offered to you but is...
  17. Binoculars back !

    Got my binoculars back from Swarovski today and quite simply, wow ! Cost me £121 for the repair and service. They've come back looking like new with a few extras for nothing. New neck strap, new front and back lens covers and, wait for it, new lenses ! Over the moon. Only problem is they're to...
  18. Lost binos

    Hi Short version. Put my binos on roof of car last night and drove off. Absolutely gutted. If anyone has or knows of a pair of any SWARO/LEICA/ZEISS in 10x42 that are for sale can you drop me a PM please. Your help is very much appreciated. Best wishes David
  19. Latest project

    Nice wee knife. Blade has a nice narrow point making it ideal for cutting in those difficult to reach places. Wood is cross cut Bubinga which is very hard, strong and has a high natural oil content making it very resistant to fluid ingress. Oiled and then waxed to give it a glow. Remaining...
  20. Idle hands

    Cold, wet, raining and blowing a gale here today so I am house bound and bored. So I took myself out to the workshop and knocked up this wee key fob out of a bit of buffalo horn tip, red fibre and two different mosiac pins. What to do for the rest of the day now ! Best wishes D
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