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  1. Fox 6.5 Creedmoor

    Fox in 6.5 Creedmoor. I tried the 100 grain shoots good groups i have yet to try 123 grain. could anybody enlighten me with the load info on factory rounds. I also tried the 130 and 150 in 308 both good accurate rounds, after having trouble with the Barnes TTSX getting random shots considerably...
  2. First Aid plus forestry

    Is anybody running a course in the Anglia region in the near future?
  3. Non Lead in a 308

    With the prospect of going to Arran on the stags, what ammunition would you recommend, most i think will be accurate in my rifle but will obviously check. Performance is the highest criteria ie quick kills. Needs to be factory loaded.
  4. Macavoys

    Does any body no if there still operating. There not answering the phones or Email.
  5. Chinese Water Deer

    Following a conversation with a friend, we were discussing feeding stations etc, does anybody know what would be good food for Chinese Water Deer, also would a salt lick be any good or possibly harmful, with Selenium Copper or any of the other additives that go hand in hand with salt licks
  6. Pine Martin

    I just returned from trip to Northumberland, North West Keilder. The purpose of the trip was to reduce the Roe population on clear fell, i got the two Bucks that ventured out in the rain and only two Does were the only other Deer sightings. I saw my first Pine Martin, a special occasion for me...
  7. Norma URP load question

    Hi does anybody have any data on Norma URP for 243w 100 grain bullets ideally with BR2 primers, i have read conflicting information which Norma powder to be best. I have been and bought this (small amount) thanks Chris.
  8. Binocular comparison

    Does the currant crop of Binos out class the previous, I’m particularly interested in RF but last light performance is more critical, so for instance 1000mts is plenty, Does the 3000 Leica out perform the 2200, in any other way than range finding, or Swaro, or Zeiss
  9. England Scotland. Wow

    What a great game to watch England fan but I wouldn’t have minded if Scotland won just wow best tv for years.
  10. Arran

    Hi how many of you are stalking on the BASC Arran scheme, how many of you have been before and do you have any tips, thanks Chris.
  11. Two way radio

    Hi, do any of you have experience of radio’s off licence and able to work in hilly countryside with forestry.
  12. Brass to Hot?

    Hi i left my brass in the oven to long it has gone blue grey i guess about 180c is it scrap or good to go.. thanks in advance.
  13. DSC2 download

    Hi can any one explain how to down load evidence to your portfolio, I’m not at all in to computers etc, i am using an iPad if that makes a difference. Thanks in hope. Chris.
  14. Pulsar core thermal

    Does anybody have experience with these either 38 or the 50. Pros and cons.
  15. Two firsts

    Hi, a short write up of my evening. I decided to try and get around the Muntjak on one particular field, its really quite difficult to get a safe shot as the Muntjak come out of the corner of a wood on to the corner of my Field, there are Horses in the next field and the ground slopes towards...
  16. Lovex DO63 or AA1680

    Hi does any one know anybody supplying these powders at the gamefair Hatfield. I haven't found a list of traders going there.
  17. WANTED Beating South Cambs Mid Beds and North Herts

    Hi Looking for beating for myself and my wife we both have dogs, both experienced, saturdays preferred
  18. Threat level just raised to critical

    Threat level just raised to critical in light of new information.
  19. Wanted: CZ 17 Hornet

    Hi, I am looking for a CZ 17 Hornet. Preferably Sporter rather than Varmint, I know it's a bit hopeful, but you never know. Thanks.
  20. Powder Shortage!

    Is there going to be reloading shortages, in light of recent talk of gun control in America ?
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