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PSE Composites Limited
  1. Wanted: Stalking wanted an hour of Ascot

    bit more than an hour but try Tom Marshall at cornbury park
  2. Permissions advice

    where about in worcs are you?
  3. Wanted: Swarovski Z8i or Z6i

    Which model is it and how much you looking for?
  4. For Sale: Pulsar Helion XQ50 Bank Holiday Special

    When does this offer end?
  5. Sold: Swarovski z6i 2.5-15x56 BT Gen2

    Looked at it the other day and thought it was overpriced but didn't want to gatecrash your sale. It's worth £1200 at the most second hand
  6. For Sale: Ase ultra moderator

    Did this sell in the end?
  7. For Sale: MAE T12 m14 up to 6mm/243 moderator

    Have you still got this?
  8. For Sale: Ase ultra moderator

    How far from neath are you?
  9. Wanted: Sika stalking in Devon / Dorset

    I'll will try and get email for you!
  10. Wanted: Sika stalking in Devon / Dorset

    If you are on Facebook I would contact him via that
  11. Wanted: Sika stalking in Devon / Dorset

    Rob Eames at lulworth castle
  12. Wanted: Wanted : Dumfries / Galloway / Ayrshire, May 2020, Roe bucks

    Colin Lockerbie, as said best contacted through Facebook
  13. A hunting trip to Austria

    What an excellent write up! Felt like I was there following you whilst reading it.. congratulations on the gams, something I hope to hunt for myself someday.
  14. Sold: Swarovski Z6i 2.5-15x56 BT Gen 2 4Ai Ret

    If my .270 barrel shifts I'll have it!
  15. Sold: Blaser R93 barrel .270

    Yes at cost
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