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Leica Amplus 6
  1. For Sale: 308 GGG brass

    I’ve got a surplus of GGG 308 brass all once fired. £15 per 100 or £17 posted
  2. For Sale: CZ 527 7.62x39

    I’m looking to sell my CZ 7.62x39 carbine walnut stock and screwcut. Lee dies about 100 3 times fire Lapua brass £400 ono
  3. For Sale: 7RM Hornady brass

    I’ve 140 Hornady 7 REM Mag brass £35 posted.
  4. For Sale: 165 Sierra Game King

    I’m having a sort out and can’t see me reloading these now, 2 full boxes 1 opened box 87 left of 308 165 grain SPBT Sierra Game Kings (2145) £90 posted
  5. For Sale: 6.5x55 ammo

    I’ve some 6.5x55 ammo I’d like to move as I don’t have a 6.5 anymore 100xppu FMJ 139 grain 40xppu SP BT 139 grain 22xNorma HP 100 grain £50 collected
  6. Wanted: CZ 527 Picatinny Rail.

    Has anyone got one kicking about before I order a new one? it needs to have slots the full length like a contessa rail etc.
  7. HIK Lynx

    Has anyone tried a HIK Lynx 6mm 35mK at £450 they seem too good to be true!
  8. Free: Puma 22lr

    So I’ve been having a think and have a Puma .22lr also know as JW-15s. It’s a Chinese copy of a CZ452 it’s agricultural but accurate. 14” screw cut barrel. I will look out and old scope not sure what I’d like to give this to a novice or youngster but would also let some who hit hard times...
  9. For Sale: Cz 527 222 shot out

    I’ve got a CZ 527 in 222 it’s barrel is not good but action and stock are fine, ideal for a custom build. £100 inc RFD at my end.
  10. Wanted: Thumb hole stock for CZ

    I’m looking for a thumb hole stock for a cz527 before I go out and buy a new one. I’d also be interested in any 452 stocks.
  11. Wanted: Sauer 202

    I’m missing my old 202 after playing with a mates I’m looking to scratch a itch. So what have you got.
  12. Vacancy: Bisley Based

    There an opportunity for someone to work with children in shooting in Bisley.
  13. Wanted: 6.5 Grendel gauges

    Has anyone got a set of go no go gauges for a 6.5 Grendel they aren’t using that I can buy or even borrow for a couple of weeks? Thank you in advance.
  14. For Sale: CZ 527 action

    I’ve a CZ 527 action as a donor if anyone is looking for some to build on. £150
  15. Photon Extremes lens

    What lens sizes is everyone using on their rifles and what setup. I’m a 222 with a 105mm tukumar lens just get a PBIR illuminator.
  16. Tripod for HoG Saddle

    I find myself looking for a tripod for my HoG saddle as my wife stole it for her camera. Now I don’t use it much at all and in fact my son will likely use it the most with his 22. So a cheap as possible but still stable it’s replacing a silk tripod.
  17. For Sale: Remi 700 ATI Trigger guard and mag

    An unused ATI trigger guard and magazine for a SA (308 family) Remington 700 cost £110 new sold my remi before fitting it. £90 posted
  18. For Sale: Optilocks rings and bases

    1” low (I think) blued optilocks style rings and bases not sure what they are worth so let’s start £70 posted.
  19. Swap: CZ 22 LR 10 shot for 5 shot

    I have 2 steel 10 shot CZ magazines I’d like to swap them for some 5 shot steel CZ mags 22 LR
  20. Sako L579

    I’ve ended up with a shot out Sako L579 and trying to decide what to build it into it feels a lovely action quite light but very solid. Thoughts please.
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