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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Available: Syndicate places

    Turned Over - Game Shooting all Subjects Shotgun related - UK Varminting
  2. Stalking Film by Charly Green

    great to watch thanks for putting it on the forum:british:
  3. Test for Lyme Disease, check yourselves!!!

    Hi when i have removed them put in small plastic tub with lid on and put in microwave and nuc them
  4. Dumfries&Galloway

    Try eating a clove of raw garlic, or two if you can stomach it, it works a treat for me:oops:
  5. 6.5 x 55 advise

    Hi had a Steyr 6.5x55 for a few years this has a set trigger,i also had my fixed trigger adjusted to just under the set trigger this is now a great rifle not to heavy as it is the pro-hunter.Hope this helps
  6. Dave Mercer DM80

    Hi i have 2 DM80 mods great tool and Dave is a top bloke he will help you all he can
  7. help please

    I was the same with G.M.P. i asked for a variation to have one rifle for fox and deer control, i had a 223 and 243 went up to 6.5x55 had no problems but they will not allow 17hmr for fox control which has been used along time, but some forces still allow "those who laugh last laugh loudest"
  8. browning maral .308

    I have to agree give me my styer anytime:doh: He who laughs last laughs loudest
  9. Ticks...

    should not get many of them on our new ground pal:doh: "things sometimes come back to bite you, what do you say"
  10. EU firearms questionnaire - mass response needed

    i've just filled in all the questions as option 1, did not know anything about this until reading on SD, i am not a member of BASC through political reasons, I'm in national gamekeepers who have not seen anything they send out may be wrong, everyone should fill this in :british:
  11. Tinitus

    I am in my late 50's suffered since mid 20's with tinnitus through working in the mining industry, since finding out always used ear defenders when using shotguns,but always used moderated rifles and mine has progressed but not at the rate if i had not taken these precautions,so to the younger...
  12. Oops!

    nowt better do helicopter in for service:doh:
  13. Oops!

    was you on that flight ave you nowt better to do than spotting dear from your private plane:rofl:
  14. Why do people ********?

    what a crock of ***t thats not stalking
  15. Does a 4x4 exist that does 40+mpg?

    not to my knowledge most good 4x4 are 25 to 30 mpg
  16. Change User name

  17. Change User name

    is it possible to change my user name please to lexi 6.5
  18. Syndicate Land Available

    land Hi we are a syndicate looking for land for 5 guns and are willing to pay the going rate for a large block could you please send details if any still available. we all carry dsc level 1 and one has level 2 you can contact me at The reason i am enquiring is we...
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