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  1. Day One at Game Fair

    Swaro and ZEISS haven’t been at the Game fair for a few year, from my experience, Blaser are not there and they have a Uk base. over all i was impressed with what was there considering the possibility that it could have all been cancelled at a moments notice.
  2. 120grn ttsx 6.5 Creedmoor

    With N555 you should have a compressed load even if you load the bullet up to the lands, but cases are different. But surely your only going to get 2600 fps.
  3. 120grn ttsx 6.5 Creedmoor

    N555 was developed for lead based bullets , the longer nontoxic bullets you run out of case space before developing Velocity
  4. 120grn ttsx 6.5 Creedmoor

    Can you get 44.6 into the case? Can you get higher? The Vhit data is usually very conservative. My informant has done his homework, have you?
  5. 120grn ttsx 6.5 Creedmoor

    I belive you may have to go down to N550 to get the velocity. I am informed that N555 you wont get enough in the case. This is untested by me but sounds about right. QL would give the answer.
  6. Fox 6.5 Creedmoor

    I’m generally going light for caliber on the assumption that Velocity will make up for any shortcomings with non toxic over lead. My favourite load was 308 Partition with H 4895 so not a cheap round so been an a little journey for a while since the ban on 4895, still have some though!
  7. Fox 6.5 Creedmoor

    No, I haven’t shot any deer with non toxic, the first issue is to get something accurate i had a bit of a false start last year with Barnes i thought was ok but continued to have accuracy issues so i didnt use these. ( i put this down to very dirty powder) I continued with lead. I now have...
  8. Fox 6.5 Creedmoor

    Fox in 6.5 Creedmoor. I tried the 100 grain shoots good groups i have yet to try 123 grain. could anybody enlighten me with the load info on factory rounds. I also tried the 130 and 150 in 308 both good accurate rounds, after having trouble with the Barnes TTSX getting random shots considerably...
  9. 150gr Fox Classic Bullet

    Hi Ed, while your being so helpful, could you tell me the loads for 6.5 Creedmoor I tried the 100g and found them very accurate. A will be trying the 123g as well. I have a load for the Peregrine that you supply in 243, all in all i am very happy with performance on paper with all the Lead...
  10. How fiddly is the 17 Hornet?

    I am a carpenter builder of nearly 60 years. I load the 17 Hornet no trouble at all, what i do find a fiddle is loading the magazine in the dark, this is a Magazine issue. I have two magazines, if i get through that I am having a hell of a night ! It does the job very well on foxes, I like that...
  11. Bow Hunting UK?

    For those that say it should be allowed because we did it for millennia, is there any thing that you think should be against the law? Because most things have been done before and excepted. As it happens I’m not against bow hunting, i think its an odd argument that says we once did and it was...
  12. Why the difference in attitudes towards non native deer?

    I understand there is only one invasive species that does not have a detrimental effect ie an empty niche. The Little Owl
  13. Pine Martens

    That’s your loss, closed mind.
  14. Pine Martens

    i honestly cant say i saw it. It would have been easy to say but not true, but i do 100 percent trust the farmer and his wife that this came from.
  15. Pine Martens

    I rather liked the theory that a Red squirrel escaped the claws of a Pine Martin as it was lighter and more agile than a Grey, its interesting that on one hand certain people need video evidence one way but come up with nothing to support there theories the other. I do think our so called...
  16. Pine Martens

    I have a farmer friend that has had his rare breed piglets taken by a Kite. He was very surprised to say the least, his wife said they were disappearing, he thought they would be around under a bush or something until 4 days and four piglets he saw one flying with a kite on its back.
  17. Wanted: 6.5 m15x1 spigot moderator

    This maybe not any help but i went for a new DPT . Cost wise there reasonable certainly light, i have mine on a 6.5 also have one on a 243. I think about £230
  18. advice on Air source heat pumps and under floor heating

    The exploding heat pump, Somerset 2010 a panel blew off a quote from Mitsubishi He added: ‘We are not denying that it could have been serious because if someone was standing next to the unit, they could have been seriously injured.’ I guess a fractured fan.
  19. advice on Air source heat pumps and under floor heating

    AIir Source and Ground source, they use antifreeze ie ethylene glycol and and another more modern less toxic but its ethylene based. Mixed with water. the Pumps themselves are housed out side. The main reason is for noise which isn’t great but annoying if you can hear it.
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