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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. FAC doctor's report fee?

    Countryside Alliance asking shooters who have been through the application or renewals process since April 2016 to report their experience of the current medical procedure. GP or letters from Police firearms licensing department should be scanned or photographed and sent to...
  2. broken pedicle

    The damage to the pedicel and antler could be due to low manganese level and would be worth checking REF Curry et al (2009) There is extensive literature on accidental and deliberate damage to antler pedicles. In summary it will self repair over time and will go back to producing antlers.On...
  3. Time for a W.Midlands meeting?

    Thanks to teyhan 1 and his lady for being such generous hosts and great to meet with like minded individuals.A good meetup
  4. Time for a W. midlands meet?

    Count me in Morena
  5. Time for a W.Midlands meeting?

    I am up for it.Good to be able to swap local news. Morena
  6. Yes I am a hunter but this stinks imo.

    I was under the impression snow leopards were protected under CITES 1
  7. Trees for hedging

    You do realise that laurel is poisonous to animals and humans. morena
  8. Lyme Disease Prevalence Warning in the Press

    Another FYI Both dogs and horses can be infected with lyme/borreliosis. PHE seems to have caught up with their diagnoses protocols and now test twice at 3 to 4 week interval if negative on first test or repeatedly if test indeterminate but blood test still not absolutely definite as...
  9. Advice needed

    Unfortunately from the original post badly handled. If a vet gives a drug they are responsible for the consequences. They should have observed the animal until fully recovered, obviously impractical in a wild animal. Most wild deer getting themselves into trouble requiring human intervention go...
  10. Brexit "Negotiation"

    "Its a bit like saying the national health service is management heavy wastefull wraped up in burocracy and inefficient..... so lets scrap it." I have never seen a better summing up of the NHS.
  11. Lost sea eagle found in Sutherland

    A sea eagle tagged and ringed on Mull in 2010 has been found in Sutherland. Full story BBC Scotland. Another raptor resurrected from being shot by a gamekeeper ??????????? Should make interesting reading next time a report from RSPB on raptor persecution.Don't hold your breath.
  12. Lymes increase due to soaring deer numbers

    Lyme Borreliosis Transmitted by tick Ixodes ricinus in the UK Borrelia afzelia Hosts/reservoirs Rodents B garinii Hosts/reservoirs Birds,lizards,rodents B burgdorferi Hosts/reservoirs Big mammals,rodents,birds,lizards B spielmanii Hosts/reservoir Rodents B...
  13. Taking roe buck trophy back to the USA

    Trophy head to States try digesting this Although basically for Africa it will give you the lead in
  14. Hello there!

  15. Bone from Baillie head

    I am seeking a small portion of bone from a Baillie head or from other abnormal bones from the same animal to further my research in this condition. I would make the histology slides plus my interpretation available to the owner. Please pm me in the first instance. Thanks. morena
  16. Should have left him...

    Photobucket are charging $400 per annum for 3rd party access to your photos. I tried downloading an album last night and received an email Ready for download is available for 12 hours to receive this message within 15 minutes This download is no longer available
  17. Mouldy carcass

    At what temperature are you running your fridge ? If below 4 just throughly wipe it down with vinegar. Sounds as though you need more ventilation initially.
  18. Sauer 202 Takedown Allen Key

    Measurement for sauer allen keys 4.84mm by 250 length collar length 25 with 4.84 socket at the opposite end. The allen key to fit is 4.84mm length 50 by 80 mm 90 degree angle
  19. Fallow hummel

    This fallow head is an animal "going back" (past his best).In previous seasons he has had antlers as shown by the coronets.Shriveled testicles would depend on time of year and also age Definition of a hummel is a male who has never had antlers but they are fertile during the season If you look...
  20. Miliary TB in a Roe deer

    A case of miliary TB in a Roe deer. This comes about when the TB bacteriae get into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body