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  1. Which Copper solvent?

    I have been using Montana Copper Killer……incredible stuff that removes copper fouling very easily but hells bells it smells of super strong ammonia so needs to be used with care and to be fully removed from all gun parts after cleaning.
  2. Diamond shot.

    Just cartridges did several options using diamond shot so might be worth a look.
  3. New UK Ammunition Manufacturer

    Great to see a new British venture kicking off 👍 I have never found problems with non-lead in my tikka T3 6.5x55se but both my Sako75 in .308 and my S20 in .308 have struggled with factory lead-free so I will watch this with great interest.
  4. Feeding red leg partridge

    That does sound like a long time in pens. Honestly, I am not a partridge expert and on the few occasions I have had them I found them to be quite fragile and very susceptible to getting unwell when in the pen. So my methodology has been to get them out ASAP but to have a lot of water and food...
  5. Freyr and Devik

    Hey Sharpie, I rarely go to the range but did do some load development with my 6.5 Swede (fitted with F&D 196) in the early days. My experience was that due to the light construction, a string of 5 would result in the mod being very hot. So I found 5 was the maximum and 3 was about right with...
  6. Freyr and Devik

    With the added bonus that if you run out of ammo you can take it off and beat bambi to death with it.:rofl: joking aside, they are a bloody good mod and I’ve also never heard of one failing.:thumb:
  7. Freyr and Devik

    My problem with threads like this one is that there is lots of hearsay, speculation and hunting of witches. But when you get right down to it there is very little genuine first hand evidence. Add in some pictures that show damage to mods but lack a full narrative from the person who was actually...
  8. Freyr and Devik

    what does? If you are talking about F&D then I don’t see why? I have one and it’s the best mod I’ve ever owned and I am planning on buying another one. Ask yourself, how many people on this thread have actually seen, FIRST HAND, a F&D mod fail?
  9. Sako quality control

    I must have just been lucky. I have a 75, a T3 and a S20 (All are stainless versions). All perform flawlessly, need only the basic cleaning regime, they don’t tarnish and are a pleasure to use. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Sako or a Tikka if I needed a new rifle.
  10. Bushwear G1 and G2 High Seats

    All a bit strange? I bought one a while back and although it’s a lighter build quality than others I have it is still a good bit of kit and easier to move alone than my other ones.
  11. Bushwear G1 and G2 High Seats

    Not sure if I missed something but what happened to the Bushwear G1 and G2 galvanised high seats?
  12. .375 and Deer

    I find the 235gr TSX do a good job on just about everything from squirrels :eek: to big bucks... I have also used 250gr Acubond which seem to work fine.
  13. Best wood preserver for shed made from untreated rough sawn pallet wood?

    Ronseal “Shed and Fence Preserver” is my go to for all of my sheds and high seats. I normally spray it on and a couple of coats lasts for years. I was told that if you want a proper preserver and waterproofer then look for something in a metal container 👍
  14. A need or just a want for a 222?

    One of my biggest regrets is selling my .222, if you can find one a Sako75 with a 18” barrel is a thing of beauty.
  15. Freyr and Devik

    I was surprised by just how good the internals have faired considering the volume of usage including quite a lot of hot range sessions for load development. I agree with your thought process regarding a batch problem and hopefully your new baffles will sort things out.
  16. Freyr and Devik

    I was at the range a couple of weeks ago and one of the guys with me took his first shot and there was an enormous flame out of his mod......seems like his regime of spraying oil into the mod is not a good idea.
  17. Freyr and Devik

    All this talking about F&D mods failing got me thinking....well worrying as I have one on my 6.5x55 and when I take clients out it is often the rifle of choice being a nice soft shooting calibre. But the thought of this going up in a hail of shrapnel isn’t attractive. So, I decided to do a full...
  18. Larder audit

    I would echo this, I found the environmental health guys really helpful. They explained that processing raw meat is very low risk in the scheme of things and they are not looking for catch anyone out.....just keep everyone safe.
  19. Larder audit

    Hi Tom, unless there has been a change in the law that I’m not aware of, then there is no requirement for a vet on site unless your are slaughtering on site. My understanding that the main driver for a vet is to minimise the suffering of the animals prior to slaughter and identify any abnormal...
  20. Larder audit

    Never heard of a game larder audit? But it might just be a difference in terminology. I set up my food business 2 years ago. All I do is supply venison in fur to game dealers (AGHE), supply venison skinned whole or into primal cuts to restaurants/pubs and whole skinned carcasses to butchers...
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