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  1. Lobo

    That is interesting!!! Dogs must have an examination over to hunt in German!!! Dogs need several hunt examinations over with you to breed. The breed is supervised by the veterinary surgeon! Why are there problems if dogs from Germany to England comes? We breed after highest standard.
  2. Lobo

    Hello, please stop the quarrel! One must hold together if you would like to change something! There also were problems in Germany. We have solved these problems! It works only with each other! The capacity and health of the dogs must be important and from which ones association not they come...
  3. Lobo

    Hello, We are not a member in the JGHV!!! We are not a member in the VDH!!! We are international member in the Federation Canina!!! Our association would never like to become a member in the JGHV and VDH!!! In our association the dogs must have achievement and be healthy!!! We organise...
  4. Lobo

    Hello everybody, I´m the man in the video from the beginning of this discussion. Thanks, for the all the interesting comments my video has started. I´m amazed about some of your threads. My name is Andre´Schädlich and I come from Germany (Thuringia). I´ve been a hunter and dog handlers...
  5. Hanoverian Scenthound

    Hi, my name is Andre´Schädlich and I come from Germany (Thuringia). I´ve been a hunter and dog handlers sweat for 16 years. In Thuringia I take care of a hunting area of 2,000-acre with wild boar, red deer, roe deer and mouflon. I´m a registered (§11) breeder for Hanoverian Scenthounds since 2005.
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