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  1. Stock Inletting

    Does anyone have any direct experience of having a "flat top" stock inlet for an action not normally offered as an off the shelf option? Looking to base a rifle build around a left hand heym sr40 action. As part of this would I like to replace the stock. Have sourced a boyd pro varmint in...
  2. Ammunition Trial Pack

    Not sure if I'm imagining it, but have I previously seen detail on here about an rfd offering a "trial pack" of ammunition of varying brands and weights to help determine the best round for a particular rifle? Edinburgh Rifles perhaps? I was hoping such a thing existed for current non-lead...
  3. Motor Traders

    Are there any motor traders on here with a BCA online trading account? If there are, and you're interested in discussing a particular vehicle I've got my eye on in an online auction at the BCA Manchester site on Thursday, then I'd appreciate if you could drop me a PM for a chat. BCA aren't...
  4. Wanted: Spartan Bipod Tac Legs

    Looking for a pair of the Spartan Javelin Tac legs if anyone has a set that they'd be willing to sell. Cheers Novice
  5. Wanted: Neopod Friction Cant Centre Section

    As per title. As much as I love my neopod, it would be even better with the upgraded centre section to allow me to lock the cant if needed. Anyone got just the centre section they'd part with? Cheers Novice
  6. Forestry Commission / Forest Enterprise Vehicles

    To those in the know, can anyone definitively confirm which lease company supplies these vehicles? Trying to track one down direct from auction and cut out the middle man so to speak, but struggling to establish which auction site they're likely to appear in. If I can identify the lease...
  7. For Sale: David Stretton Towball Mounted Hoist

    As per title. Good used condition. Previously owned by George Wallace for those looking for impeccable stalking provenance Pictures available on request. Replaced it with another unit with the skinning attachment included, so now surplus to requirements. Looking for £110 collected. Located...
  8. McMillan Stock Lengthening

    Does anyone know where I could obtain some spacers to lengthen a McMillan stock, or is it a case of making your own? Novice
  9. WJ Back In The News It will be interesting to see if they get the funding for this, but more importantly whether they're shot down by Natural England and DEFRA. Here's hoping... Novice
  10. Flying with Ammunition

    I'd appreciate an insight into what people are using to carry rifle ammunition as checked luggage on a flight? Looking to fly interally with loganair next month. Considering a peli 1200 as looks a reasonable dimension without being ott. Cheers Novice
  11. For Sale: Swarovski SLC 8x56

    Excellent condition, very light use. I'll get some pictures up if anyone wants them. Looking for £850 ovno. Cheers Novice
  12. For Anyone With A Couple Of Minutes Spare I thought it might be helpful for Mark to broaden the reach of his survey. Don't want him getting skewed data that may help some of his causes now, do we... Novice
  13. Roe Buck Carcass Weights

    I'd be interested to hear of the heaviest roe bucks that members have taken or have known to have been taken. I ask as I shot 2 bucks this weekend on an estate in Dumfries. Fully gralloched, with head and lower legs removed, one went 17kg, which is a very good weight for the estate, while the...
  14. Wanted: Roe Stalking - New Forest

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an stalking outfit or estate offering roe stalking in the new forest or close to? Looks like I'll be down that way last weekend in June. Appreciate its not the ideal time with cover and crop growth, but would like to squeeze in an outing in a new area...
  15. New Forest Big Lad

    I've no reason to doubt this chap, but he seems to have done remarkably well to find that many cast antlers from an individual wild stag. Almost up there with the Endsleigh Stag story.
  16. Solway Rifle Rest

    Can anyone explain to me how the bottom section attaches to the rack on the front of a quad. Is any drilling required? Cheers Novice
  17. Quad Battery

    Looks like the battery on my quad is kaput. It's a wet cell version. Can anyone explain whether this can be replaced with a sealed, maintenance free battery? There doesn't seem to be a lot in it price-wise. Does it have to be a straight replacement on the amp rating, or can I go for a higher...
  18. Primos Trigger Sticks Maintenance

    Does my memory serve me correctly that someone on here did a step by step guide on stripping down and servicing a set of primos sticks? TonyC maybe? I could do with a reminder if anyone knows what I'm on about! Cheers Novice
  19. Viper-Flex v Stable Sticks

    Can anyone comment on the difference between the 2 brands and what you get for the extra money with the vipers? Looks to me that the stable sticks are lighter and breakdown shorter, but the vipers have a strong following. Cheers Novice
  20. CWD Teeth

    Something that I've been pondering for a while. Do CWD canine teeth grow over the lifetime of the buck, or do they simply descend from the skull, exposing more of the tooth over time? I ask as if it's the latter, then given the current cic scoring regime which doesn't take into account the...
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