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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. For Sale: Barton Gun Works Moderator 7mm 14x1

    Barton Gun Works Accurate Enforcer MB Pro 7mm / .284 threaded 14x1. Brand new condition. Never fired. £300 collected or happy to send RFD to RFD at cost.
  2. Shooting Suits

    Gentlemen, I am thinking on having a suit made shortly for two purposes..... First up, wedding (my own!) in the autumn and thinking on going for a tweed number. Fashionable at the mo and we're having a wedding on the farm with a rustic feeling. Second, thinking on having a shooting...
  3. Nice munty......

    Id be surprised if that's not a gold.:thumb:
  4. Rooks and Crow decoying advice pls.

    Another one I was told about but never brave enough to try for fear of being seen was to walk out into the field with your gun, stumble about a bit, fall over and play dead...... "They'll come and have a look at ya' Buh"! Or so I was told. You can then jump up and have a shot. If you try it...
  5. Rooks and Crow decoying advice pls.

    All good stuff above but one old bit of wisdom I received was that crows can't count! If you put the off where they're feeding they go away but one or two will sit up a tree half a mile away, watch you build the best hide and lay out all your decoys perfectly, get into your hide and then warn...
  6. Stalking Recommendations near Ullapool

    That couldn't be better. I'm staying at Gairloch. Thanks!
  7. Stalking Recommendations near Ullapool

    Thanks, I'll give them a try.
  8. Stalking Recommendations near Ullapool

    Planning on heading up to just south of Ullapool in September. Mightvtake the opportunity and go for a stag while I'm there. Any recommendations for somewhere to go? Thanks.
  9. When is a miss a miss?

    And another springs to mind.... another time stalking a wood edge i found a munty round a pheasant feeder at last light one evening further along the wood edge. Satisfied that the mighty .270 would knock it off its feet and save me a follow up I fired at about 50 yards. The beast bolted into the...
  10. When is a miss a miss?

    I'd get back with a dog. Unfortunately your beast won't be much good but at least you will know. Things like this always remind me of a surprising instance a few years back..... A munty appeared about 70 yards away down a ride about 20 yards wide on the left hand side and crossed to the...
  11. Deer a bit spooky today

    Almost certainly the wind. I've found all deer but particularly Roe seem to use their eyes much more in the wind. They're nearly always looking at you already when you first spot them in woods when it's windy. Makes sense really, hearing and smell must be compromised in windy conditions.
  12. Sold: Norma .223 Brass

    100 Norma .223 rem brass cases (might be a few extras). Some once fired, none more than twice. Fully prepared & ready to load. Neck sized, inside / outside chamfered, flash hole uniformed, primer pocket uniformed & tumbled. £10 posted.
  13. bf goodrich a/t ko2 tyres

    Definitely go for the BFG's. I ran a set on my Ranger up to 64,000 miles on the rear and 68,000 on the front. Replaced with General Grabber AT2's which are only a few ££ less and didn't get 25,000 out of the back pair. Fronts are still going at 35,000 but not much left in them. You could go...
  14. Beaters paying tax

    An estate I go to started to run beaters through PAYE system. After the amount my accounts bill would go up by for dealing with it, the tax was paid, fuel for traveling paid for etc etc I was pretty much going for free so my solution was....... Save the effort and just go for free!!
  15. Beaters paying tax

    Unlikely to earn enough to be necessary to offer a pension.
  16. Moderator recommendations

    Barton Gun Works. Wouldn't bother with anything else.b
  17. How the hell do I crawl with all this clobber?

    Leave the sticks behind but if really need them I always push them right out in front as far as can, crawl past, reach behind then push them forward again. Repeat as necessary!!
  18. Hornady Custom Lite / Remington Managed Recoil

    Any idea who brings in Remi ammunition now? I can't tell from googling...
  19. Hornady Custom Lite / Remington Managed Recoil

    That would be my usual method to achieve the desired result i.e. hand loading to the lower end of the scale. However, in this case that's not an option.
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