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Leica Amplus 6
  1. Sold: Yildiz 20b with LH stock now £285

    Hi, sent you a pm. I will buy it for £300 if you can sort rfd your end.
  2. Buck fever . . .

    Flinching without the moderator one suspects!!
  3. For Sale: Franchi Raptor Semi-Auto 12G - Excellent Condition

    Price drop to £350 ONO!
  4. For Sale: Browning 20 gauge B725 Hunter Black Gold - As new condition.

    For Sale- £1700 ono. (North Devon) My excellent condition 20 Bore Browning B725 Black and Gold Hunter over and under multichoke shotgun. 28inch barrels. I bought this gun brand new in 2019, since then it has been used on a handful of occasions. The shotgun is in excellent condition- with a very...
  5. For Sale: Franchi Raptor Semi-Auto 12G - Excellent Condition

    For Sale- £425 ono (North Devon) Reliable semi-auto Franchi Raptor shotgun in great condition. Selling because it just doesn't get used enough to take up the space in my cabinet. Some mild cosmetic marks in stock from general use. Nothing major. I have retained the original holding case from...
  6. Sold: Mitsubishi L200 work truck

  7. Sold: Mitsubishi L200 work truck

    L200 did 4work truck with canopy. 86k 2008 reg. 12 months mot. £2800. North Devon.
  8. Barrel shortening...

    I have 243 and 308 both cut to 16 inches so t8 kisses forend. Practical tools. Use a faster powder if you really think it makes bxxxxx all difference to a sub 200 yard target.
  9. Sad news

    Enjoyed his contributions hereabouts in past. Condolences to those closer to the chap. God bless.
  10. Personal Experience and Thoughts Now on Thermal Deer Stalking

    Changed the job totally. Greatly increases success rates. Cheats the modern sportsman of needing 70% of previously required skills. With a thermal you can stalk at 5x the speed outside of thicket wood. But the modern world keeps telling us we need to “kill more deer.”
  11. Bullet pulling from lead to non toxic

    Ken Wallis aviator apologies for spelling. Inspired me jfdi I load Barnes 150 grain copper to same specs. as 150 g. ballistic tip of last 20 years. The Barnes kill deer very well in .308. In past for years I used to pull privi bullets and replace with nosier b tip. Get out and do it don’t just...
  12. Bullet pulling from lead to non toxic

    150 grains is 150 grains whether it’s lead or copper. Check length in your chamber then ....Just fire first one by cord to trigger, check for pressure signs on rifle/case and go for it. Google Ken Wallace and fully appreciate what a “shitty, inhibited existence people lead today in UK.”
  13. Map and log your deer stalking activities

    Loss of trust......500m from sssi today will be 1km in 2 years time, will be 5km in 10 years time. Loss of trust.
  14. For Sale: Left hand semi auto

    Multichoke? Do you have the set of chokes and key?
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