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  1. lead shot contamination in milling wheat disappointing

    Take note.
  2. Aim to Sustain

    Shooting organisations come together to speak as one voice, what’s not to like? Can only be good if they deliver as suggested.
  3. Should we do business with China

    Given their appalling human rights should we do business with china or simply go on ignoring it because we (the world) have no choice?
  4. Magnetospeed v3 to buy or not to buy?

    My ced millennium chronograph screen has died on me, now do I buy another light screen type which can be pain as dependant on the weather and did not always see .17bullets, or go for a magnetospeed v3. I will mainly use it with my .17hornet and .223rem but sometimes use if with my shotgun, so...
  5. BBC raptor persecution during lockdown record high number of incidents
  6. End of the Road Medical Reporting, Minister of State for Crime, Policing Response.

    As some will know, I made a formal complaint against the Kent Chief Constable of Kent Medical reporting process via the Crime Commissioner and then appealed via the IOPC. Now finally via my MP is the response from the Minister of State for Crime, Policing and the Fire Service. Can do no more...
  7. Medcert for providing the Police with the medical report - which GP signed the report?

    Hi all, has anybody used medcert to complete their medical report to apply or renew a shotgun/firearms certificate? If so did you as the applicant get a copy of the report? And if you did could you please confirm the name of the GP/Doctors that signed the report. thanks.
  8. Lead shot ban growing support within parliament

    How long before the total ban on all lead shot and lead ammunition? Not long me thinks.
  9. GP doctors reports for RFDs mandatory from 10th June 2019

    The up front medical screening is now also mandatory for all RFDs and their servants (people who work for them) from the 10th June according to BASC etc. so just think what this is going to cost the industry especially for the larger businesses with lots of staff? And you can bet doctors will...
  10. 2020 job vacancies, wanted 40 persons, pay around £90,000 each per year must be pro gun

    Next year the Crime Commissioners are up for election these are the boss of the Chief Constable and turnout at the elections is very poor as most eligible to vote do not understand what they are voting for. For example the current Kent Commissioner got voted in on very few votes certainly a lot...
  11. Hi from kent

    Hi all, new to the forum but not new to shooting currently rabbits and foxes but hope to learn from being a forum member. Thanks
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