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  1. Wanted: March F 3-24x52 MOA

    That's me on UKV - probably best if you PM me there... p.s. I'd rather not post a scope to Malta
  2. Question for riflesmiths

    I've got a Warco GH1230 (pretty much the same as GH1236 but slightly shorter bed), it's excellent value for money, but if you can afford the GH1330 you'd be better off - the GH1230 is limited in that you need a belt change to get to the higher RPM range and also a gear wheel change to get from...
  3. Introductions - new member in Romsey area

    I don't think it counts unless you're advertising entrance tickets or something... :) I've wondered about deer at Hillier's, I sometimes see roe crossing the road around there.
  4. Introductions - new member in Romsey area

    Romsey - Hillier Gardens perchance?
  5. Stereotypes: British Cuisine

    If that came in a spray bottle, it'd be illegal. Even touching the bottle is a bad idea, especially before going to the toilet.
  6. Anyone using 300 AAC Blackout?

    I picked up a second hand 300 whisper barrel for AR15 last year off Mark Bradley... I decided it was too much faff to swap barrels so it's back with Mark being assembled into a complete rifle, he's got someone making uppers and soon lowers too. Much easier to reach him by phone
  7. Re-threading

    UNF is 18 tpi, UNEF is 24 tpi 5/8" is 15.875 mm So if you'd have to remove the original thread which would leave you less than 15mm diameter. In any case, by the time you've got the barrel in the lathe, you may as well chop off and start again.
  8. Ear Defenders: Which Ones?

    I've tried a mate's Sordins and I didn't like them because the ear piece rests on your ear which is uncomfortable... I've got a pair of Deben ear defenders, which work OK, but the padding is held on with glue which shifts when hot (e.g. left in a hot car). Also occasionally makes a buzzing...
  9. Headtorches

    Fenix hl21, small bright strong waterproof and takes a single AA battery so easy to keep a spare battery. ​
  10. Measuring headspace / Reamer stop

    Yes and yes: go gauge
  11. Measuring headspace / Reamer stop

    You don't actually need to cut it to the length of your datum, which would change depending on action... Suppose your depth from action face to bolt face is 0.700" and your cylinder is 1.000", then when you screw it down and take a depth measurement off the headspace gauge, it needs to be at...
  12. Measuring headspace / Reamer stop

    Not to detract from Jager SA's thread... Thought I'd start a new one. In case anyone is interested, I bored & threaded a ring 1.000" long, so to measure how much more to ream, it's a case of measuring the depth to the gauge and doing the sums... Then made an adjustable reamer stop
  13. Another Completed Re barrel

    I liked the idea, so I made one for myself, worked quite well, though I may end up buying one as Kiff's one has graduations on it, I end up having to measure it, adjust and remeasure.
  14. Basic gunsmithing advice please

    Yes: it's definitely worth checking out what the shortest barrel blank that you can fit in the headstock, what you can do is to start with a long blank, chamber it and cut it to length, then crown it on a steady. Alternatively internally thread the end of a long bar and screw it into the newly...
  15. Basic gunsmithing advice please

    +1 Just ask: plenty of people willing to give their (contradictory!) opinion/advice on the internet... The way I see it: 1. do it yourself and there is no one else to blame 2. you can chamber your own barrels on FAC with the right slot, just clear it first 3. take your time, if it starts to go...
  16. Basic gunsmithing advice please

    It's like riding a bike: you don't forget... You might find that once you get back on a lathe you know instinctively which way to wind the dials and it's all second nature.
  17. Well done Hampshire Constabulary

    One for one turned around in 8 working days: a massive improvement considering it took 3 months last time...!
  18. A European Cliff's Perhaps?

    Shooting Supplies Home
  19. Another Completed Re barrel

    Whilst not essential, a dro does make it easier to cut the tenon to the right length, no need to use a carriage stop or the compound, especially if you've set it to 30 degrees for thread cutting. Just face off, hit the zero button, then turn down the tenon and the dro will get the length right...
  20. Why is there no market for deer skins

    Kevin McCloud (of Grand Designs fame) shot a sika (I think) and had the skin turned to leather for a chair... His point being that it was entirely sustainable. Maybe someone just needs to big up the green credentials?
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