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  1. The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)

    Hi I have a .375 on the usual condition that I am allowed to polish it on days that don't end in a Y. I have permission on ground that is cleared for the calibre but I am still being refused expanding ammunition on the grounds that I don't have a need. This is because I already own a 30.06...
  2. Photographs

    Hi Folks I don't seem to be able to upload photos is anybody else having problems. Ghost
  3. DM80 Moderator

    I use my .22lr cz for rabbits and plinking (doesn't everybody?)normally subs and as I shoot rabbits at night I like the rifle to be quiet. I started with the parker hale, cheap as chips but quiet and solid. It made the rifle long even with the 16" barrel. When I saw the DM80 I decided to take...
  4. Tuesday

    Hi Folks just wondered who was out on Tuesday morning for the first day of the Roebuck season? Forecast Okish here bit too much wind for my liking but some mornings you just got to go. :lol:
  5. Knife Sharpening

    Hi Folks I am new to the forum and still a novice. Just wondered what you guys recommended for sharpening stalking and butchering knives. I am a bit useless with a steel.
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