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  1. Online Petition - Open more ferry ports to passenger traffic

    The Australians did likewise send them back. But are problem is they land with no identification so we do not know where to send them back too even if we had a government with the balls to do so. (Priti excluding, balls that is). These are economic migrants looking for a better life and jobs...
  2. Fuel

    YoungGun post #27 filling up for his journey home 😂😂😂
  3. Announcements not to panic buy !

    Hello synical 😂
  4. CCTV

    Hive, and Both send alerts to smart devices.
  5. Fuel

    Don’t worry it’s a LR it won’t make the return journey without breaking down 😂😂 nice truck 👍
  6. Fuel

    Yep same problem, was going pigeon shooting, been to four garages, one has no fuel at all, two had no diesel and one must have had both but the queue was stupidly long and that was at 7:50am so returned home, to save what little fuel I do have. Government has been caught with their pants down...
  7. Fuel

    Now if only every car was electric 😂 back to horse and cart may be 😊
  8. Fuel

    Hope you are currently in Carlisle 😂
  9. Fuel

    Oh I wish, that’s was the good old days when all a petrol station sold was fuel, now they not only fill the car but their gut also, and take forever as they wait for their food and drink or do their daily shop.
  10. New Pulsar Digex C50

    Why not post the video for all to see?
  11. Homemade quad sticks

    That makes two of us, sold the trigger sticks on.
  12. Whats everyones cleaning regime?

    That’s because I suspect you are not buying the cheap Chinese crap copies from a certain auction site. I did, did not get it stuck because the brass lump you were expected to send down the barrel was a larger diameter than the .17 bore, despite stating on the packet .17cal. 😂😂😡
  13. Online Petition - Open more ferry ports to passenger traffic

    Think a lot of the ferry operators profit came from the duty free, when that ended it was no longer profitable to continue with some destinations. Used to run non landing crossings for a £1 (in my memory is correct) just for the duty free shoppers.
  14. Sophie Fairall

    No age at all, RIP.
  15. 850nm or 940nm

    Is their any red glow from 940nm? As I am getting more and more convinced the bunnies can see the glow of the 850nm and associate it as danger, once the area has been shot a few times.
  16. 17 rem and copper Looks more like ignorance on behalf of the author of the document to not differentiate shotgun cartridges from section 1 ammunition. An announcement driven by the five year transition...
  17. 17 rem and copper

    The industry is already saying it cannot be done the transition away from lead shot and single use plastic. And whilst I admire your legal stance, did it not take sometime for the wildfowling to transition to non toxic even after the ban. The amount of lead ammunition used for hunting for...
  18. 17 rem and copper

    Plenty of natural lead in the environment, a lot of food and drink contains it, all be it in tiny amounts but I don’t think a few rounds of ammunition spread around are going to upset the balance to much. Clearly the greatest risk is lead in meat, harvested by shooting, which is where the...
  19. 17 rem and copper

    Like your thinking regarding keeping your favourite calibres fed, however who will ever know or check if you shoot a fox most likely at night, whilst using up your supply of lead bullets. Fox is not food. Just do not see how they would ever police the situation. Hopefully their will be some...
  20. Available: Reloading Courses (one to one)

    Opps sorry did not mean to come across as negative, the opposite we need far more made in the U.K. shooting products, as the current shortages are showing to end the dependancy on the imports. Your initiative deserves every success.
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