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  1. stop shooting does plz its no right ???

    I didn't understand the question. Any chance of English?
  2. Krico - 22lr Bolt Action

    Have you tried Springmasters?
  3. Stalking mag

    If I remember rightly Stalking Magazine was run by a chap called Christopher Borthen from Devon. It was a good paper, shame it died.
  4. T T Procter Rifles

    Here's a couple of (very bad!) pics for you Mannlicher:
  5. Isuzu Rodeo or Toyota Hilux

    Picked up my new Rodeo a couple of weeks ago and so far so good. Pulled a trailer from Skye to Staffs with it with no probs. Plastics perhaps not as good as Toyota but it was a lot cheaper. Makes the L200 feel a bit agricultural. Haven't set it to work on the log trailer yet but I don't...
  6. T T Procter Rifles

    Sometimes the simple solutions are staring you in the face! It's one of those 'why didn't I think of that' moments. Thanks FB
  7. T T Procter Rifles

    A frind of mine has a TT Procter rifle in .270 and would like to sell it. He (and I) have no clue what it's worth and so wondered if any of you fine gentlemen might have an idea. It's obviosuly a few years old and has been carried more than it has been shot. The floor plate bluing is a bit...
  8. Swarovski and Leica Bins

    The Swaro rep I spoke to seemed to think release at or for the Midland. Not holding my breath though.
  9. finding size of screw cut.....

    You need a thread can find them at Axminster Tools and all good retailers!
  10. the article in the sun news paper

    Have you even been here? Do you know what the country is like here? We are talking MILES.
  11. First Gun to a new shooter.... Merry festives!

    What a great thing to do. He'll never forget it that's for sure. Brings to mind a Christmas 30 years ago when I was given my first shotgun. What a day that was. I will make a point of trying to do the same if the opportunity presents.
  12. Music to my ears..........

    Saw Martyn Bennet supporting Peter Gabriel a short time before he died. Very interesting mix of stuff. Bought the 'Grit' CD, very good but very different. Again, an Englishman for whom Gaelic culture is profoundly affecting. As someone said, the sung psalms just blow me away. Our little school...
  13. Quad Bike Snow Plough

    Yes, the whole place is littered with my discarded vehicles!
  14. Quad Bike Snow Plough

    +1 for Gazza...having had to walk a mile to fetch a shovel to dig one out on Sunday!!
  15. A new venture

    Hello Folks I've run this past the management and they don't mind if I do a one off publicity shot here (thanks chaps!). Also apologies that it's not directly stalking related. I've just resurrected a website I first built a few years ago called Wildpeople. It's designed as a friendship and...
  16. Which neoprene wellies do you recommend?

    Got myself a pair of Seeland Estate for this season...absolutely cracking boots. Much wider foot than those skimpy French ones which are alright for light weight southern continental types but not much good for us chunky Northern Europeans!
  17. A Tip for Those with Rough Hands!

    In the winter my hands get to feel like 40 grit sand paper and it makes er, how shall we phrase this delicately, 'conjugal relationships' slightly tricky! Anyway, recently I was given a tip to help keep them nearer to 80 grit. Simply pour a good dollop of olive oil into you palm, add a good...
  18. Selling a Leica Range Finder

    You got home OK then Henry?
  19. Jumpers

    I've been wearing a Harkila Annaboda sweater for a few's an awesome piece of clothing - like wearing a house! Can't recommend highly enough.
  20. Snow!

    Just got back from a 5 mile quad ride from hell in driving wet snow. Deeply unpleasant, very cold and exceedingly p*ssed off as couldn't retrived broken Kawasaki Mule (track rod ends bent from brief meeting with large rock). So yes, I can confirm, it is snowing!
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