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Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!
  1. Nice surprise

    I shot a CWD buck back in March, I put the tusks into CIC just to see and it came back a silver medal, well happy
  2. Sold: Sako 30-06 brass

    120 once fired Sako 30-06 brass £35 posted
  3. Early morning mixed bag

    I had an early morning stalk today, got to my permission, by about 05.45, there is a elongated section of woodland that opens out into a small valley, I glassed a nice muntjac buck at about 200 metres as I came to the edge of the woods. There is a hedge that gives you good cover running along...
  4. Early Christmas Present

    I had an early Christmas present today my first CWD buck, not a bad size it went 10kg prepped after spending the last three weeks trying to stalk one, this one walked out in front at about 60meters there is a god
  5. Sold: RCBS RS Press and other items

    I have inherited some reloading items which came with a rifle I purchased which I don’t need as I have sufficient. RCBS RC press complete with auto primer £100 posted SOLD RCBS uniflow powder measure small nozzle no instructions £50 posted SOLD RBCS 505 scales no instructions £ 45 posted SOLD...
  6. Sold: Casstrom Safari knife

    As above, in used condition, black scales version, just purchased the orange scales version, will come with new sheath £45 posted
  7. Thought you might like to see this

    Just finished this case for a Westley Richards double rifle with three sets of barrels I believe it is off to the USA .300 H&H, .300 win mag and .30-06
  8. Another job jobbed

    Just finished this Muntjac head, which has been sitting in freezer. Tick another job off the list
  9. First deer with new classic rifle

    Nice Muntjac buck taken this morning, with my latest acquisition a .303 p14 sporter. 180grn Remington factory load, very happy minimal meat damage for a heavy round,not bad for a hundred year old rifle.
  10. New land comes up trumps

    Stalking result this morning on new land, very happy,
  11. Sold: Chrony F1

    Chrony F1 chronograph, in very good condition, I brought it to check an air rifle, it has sat in the cupboard since £65 posted No offers please
  12. For Sale: NV spotter

    Hawke Niteye 2000 in as new condition good to 200 meters , only used a couple of times moved to thermal £150 posted, no offers or swaps please
  13. Sold: Helle knife

    A Helle Odel knife in used condition, Reindeer antler & leather was my main knife for everything, was given a new knife for Christmas so surplus to requirements £45 posted Over 18’s only
  14. Not bad for a afternoon walk round

    Not a bad result for an afternoon walk round, Muntjac liver for dinner this evening
  15. My first Roe buck prepped

    This my first Roe buck that I have shot, this is how the head has turned out, i’m Pleased with the results
  16. First Roe Buck

    Got my first Roe buck taken at 150 yards well happy
  17. My first Skull

    My first attempt at at prepping a skull, very happy with results
  18. Zero Targets

    Hi have the Zero target downloads disappeared off the site? I was trying to find them but no joy
  19. About me

    Hi I have, just registered for the site so I'm introducing myself. I'm enjoy field sports. I have been shooting for about 25 years and have recently re- applied for my firearms ticket and would like to start stalking. So hi everyone.:)