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  1. Rabbits and Smelly Trainers

    I’ve hunted rabbits on foot with air gun/rim fire for years and doubt that the wiffy trainers were the culprit. If you was walking they could probably see your silhouette against the sky line. I reckon movement gave you up this time. I don’t rate still days as my best rabbit shooting days...
  2. Not much call for venison burgers in the big city today

    :zzz::zzz::zzz: Posting their crap just promotes them further…. No need for it. On another note have a look at every photo-you can tell just by looking at 99% of the attendees that they haven’t got any thing better to do than dress outrageously and spend all day marching around offended.
  3. Tips on unrolling heavy armoured cable off a drum

    Mate that’s knackered how olds that drum!- is it red and black? I would literally pick up the end and walk around in a circle keeping it tight won’t take that long to pull a load off and it’s only a baby 16mm 3 core-thank your lucky stars it isn’t a 50mm or larger! Once you have to much slack...
  4. Tips on unrolling heavy armoured cable off a drum

    It’s sounds like you may have a 1m drum or larger so I’m not sure if the below will work they can take a weight of 800kg though. Without seeing the drum I don’t know whether you could get it on to it. Our wholesaler uses them for damaged drums, I’m yet to try one though and they are quiet expensive.
  5. Tips on unrolling heavy armoured cable off a drum

    Can you post a photo of the drum and it’s surroundings?
  6. Tips on unrolling heavy armoured cable off a drum

    Be careful pulling twists/kinks tight with a machine! It’s fine to pull of the drum at a very slow speed if needed ( no different from a a winch). Pulling kinks tight will damage the cable. The cable isn’t designed for installation with twists and kinks certain bend radius for the cable type...
  7. I knew nothing of this . . .

    Lots of hares over my friends farm in Essex, too many in fact. They do have to regularly trim them up. I don’t often partake as I find it not particularly sporting lamping hares.Needs must though, especially as his fields are easily accessible by road and bearing in mind the wonderful Essex...
  8. Sea trout head and skeleton use?

    To make their Commercial waste out put lower :D I would assume fish stock though to be fair.
  9. Bench bag fillings ???

    Another nod for sand
  10. Parcel pickup/ couriers

  11. When it rains, it pours ..

    Hi Basil, as already stated not a lot more to say than what has already been said -like most I have three young children my self and can only imagine the pain. Best wishes to the young lad, your daughter and yourselves. All the best.
  12. Standard SOP in a Tense Situation

  13. Standard SOP in a Tense Situation

  14. Roadkill muntjac

    Unless it’s been tagged EAT NOT or DO NOT EAT or something to that affect you won’t know if it’s been euthanised. The vet could of easily forgot to tag it, not had tags or simply didn’t bother! You can’t possibly know why risk it!! As stated above Its doubtful a Vet would leave it by the road...
  15. Landrover defender owners input...

    ‘And if you were so lucky (rare!), it is guaranteed that some pikey scumbag will steal it as you sit down for Sunday lunch (just after you’ve spent Saturday and Sunday morning underneath it probably)’ This!
  16. Game dealer prices (again, sorry)

    50p o_O I may as well pull up offload, undo my zipper and shuffle in there backwards in that case.
  17. Game dealer prices (again, sorry)

    Yes was Jane that told me, fingers crossed it won’t happen yet then! Are they not taking pigeons at the moment then?luckily (or unluckily ) I don’t shoot as many as I used to so they mainly go in the chest freezer for the ferrets, although one good day fills it!
  18. Game dealer prices (again, sorry)

    Tim BR (I assume Ben Rigby) told me £1kg the other week - gutted it may be going to 60p in that short space of time :confused:
  19. POLL: Rimfire Backstop suitability

    ‘try a ferret and some nets to clear the backside’ Interesting form of colonic irrigation-sounds a tad painful!
  20. Venison in Tesco’s.

    That is an interesting point, can Tesco sell game that contains lead if it’s imported?! If it’s imported from another country E.g. NZ it was never shot with lead in this country. What a potential massive loophole.
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