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  1. Deer stalking Dumfries area.

    @willie_gunn yeh Colin is up at Dalry but still has all his own permissions down at New Abbey etc
  2. Am I in deep doodoo or wot?

    Priceless surely that’s what grandparents are for.. let them off the leash and fill em full of E numbers or in your case FB mud 😂
  3. Recommend me a splitting axe!

    Like everyone else I have a fiskars x series, I would however say a log splitter if in your budget makes life a lot simpler! I have an ash shafted splitting maul that’s yours for 20 quid if your in north York’s
  4. Poor journalism V Hunting

    Hi All I just wanted to flag this article from one of our local rags as really poor journalism. Basically drug carrying numb nut with knife states he goes hunting so said paper publish a...
  5. Bl88dy horse flies

    I do exactly the same works a treat. July was always the worst month on the farm. I found that using Smidge actually stops getting bitten by the little beggars.
  6. loss of a great friend

    @shakey jake truly awful news, I couldn’t believe it when Colin told me this weekend.
  7. Prizewinners April 2021

    Well that’s a rather fabulous surprise for a soggy bank holiday weekend! @JAYB many thanks! I have however just recently purchased a brand new set of Primos sticks and as such I’d prefer for someone to have the great sticks from Limulus that needs them more than me. Not sure how that’s normally...
  8. Aeroklas canopy strut help

    Howdy all, The struts on my pickup rear canopy are getting stiffer by the day and to the point where the upper half of the tail gate doesn’t open all the way under its own steam. Any hacks for freeing them off or servicing them?
  9. Why my seven year old will not be taking £1 to school for Comic Relief tomorrow.

    It’s all big business!! I only donate to the Air Ambulance as it’s had a personal impact on my life, I also donate to Mountain Rescue as a regular Walker, climber and stalker those boys are like angels on a dark winters night.
  10. VSS?

    Chances are he’s lambing!
  11. Are we creating a potential problem

    Have to say the amount of Belgian Malonois I’ve seen lately is staggering. Coupled with an increase is extendable leads, harnesses and other daft gizmos instead of obedience training!
  12. Ogden’s shooting supplies

    I’ve got a game bag and also my ‘bum bag’ roe sack set up is Ogden’s. Top notch
  13. Books worth a read.

    @gixer1 i read pretty much the same sort of books, few I’ve read and really enjoyed; First Light by Geoffrey Wellum a 17 yr old spitfire pilot. Forgotten Highlander about one mans experience as a POW on the Burma railroad. We die alone - behind the lines in Norway
  14. B.B.C.

    Frenchie you my friend are totally correct! The only way the BBC will stop its left wing work agenda is by losing its funding. Have a look at #defundthebbc on Twitter and other social media
  15. Wild Justice Survey By GWCT.

  16. Kiwi reds in the sun and rain

    Fantastic write up! Something about eels that gives me the shivers 😂
  17. Time for a laugh! The Pigeon Shooter's Lament!

    Frenchie that was inspired, I was also a pigeon watch forum member and remember you being on there.
  18. Chris Packham again

    Those of you on social media could look for the #defundthebbc on Twitter they are vociferous at going after the BBC’s woke agenda
  19. What’s the WORST 4x4 you’ve owned?

    Ours was the same, a 54 plate 3.0.. it’s was a great truck, shame the chassis ended up like triggers broom with more weld than original material 😂
  20. What’s the WORST 4x4 you’ve owned?

    I rather foolishly parted with cash to buy a BMW X5.. I can hear you all laugh now 😂 Long story short our farm was a nightmare to get too and I was doing serious motorway miles.. worst thing I’ve ever owned.. sensors died by the week, air suspension burst.. then finally the gearbox and torque...
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