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  1. Deactivated or Obsolete calibre shotguns

    Have a look at Holts sale next week, usually have a few.It's a sealed bid sale, catalogue available on line,good look.
  2. Recommended Taxidermy restorers

    Try Mike Gadd top notch,based at Boston Spa Yorkshire,hope this helps.
  3. Swallow, Swift and Martin watch!

    Same here in North Yorkshire,seen very few Swifts no Swallows.Wonder what is happening always been loads.
  4. Leather gun case wanted

    Have a look on Holts or Bonhams sales in near future,usually a good selection.
  5. Sold: Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon 3

    What size is it,12,20 bore etc ?.
  6. brazing job

    Very rare to find these days most people are more used to Mig,Tig these days.Oxy/acetylene welding is a thing of the past,have said that you used to be able to get very fine nozzles for fine work(silver soldering).I used to weld aluminium using a gas set up ,to old and dothery these days .Hope...
  7. Rook shooting.

    Not to tenderise,but I think it just makes them nice and creamy,my Grandmother used to do it that way,the milk was straight from the cow not like you get these days. Them were the days.
  8. Rook shooting.

    Yes took breasts soaking in milk as I speak .
  9. Rook shooting.

    Good morning everyone,just wondered what other people use to shoot Branchers at this time of the year. Went out with my Grandson yesterday and got 29 plus a stoat that our dog chased up a tree, Grandson shot 10 so really pleased.Also bluebell out and told him the difference between British and...
  10. Welsh Gold medal

    Fantastic,really pleased for you well done.
  11. Shooting out of season.

    Happily all sorted now,my friend had a talk with the farmer,they took advice from Stalking Directory members .They purchased some banger ropes,I'm going with them tonight to have a look . He thanks everyone for your input.
  12. Shooting out of season.

    A friend of mine has been approached by a local farmer to shoot some Fallow (a herd of about 25) that are damaging crop, only problem is, as we know, they are out of season. Is he allowed to shoot them or does he need a special licence?
  13. Iron sights - who knew!

    I can remember when I first started shooting my old air rifle it had open sights.I used to get a load of grief off my Mother for shooting the clothes pegs off the washing line about 25yds,bet I couldn't do it now(eyes to old) good practice though.Stood me in good stead for what I did later in life.
  14. Garden grass dog pee brown patches

    Try putting tomato ketchup on their food ,don't what it does but it cured ours a big Lab and a Terrier .Worth a try .
  15. gun cabinet

    I now have 4 when I run out of space I just buy another.It's a bit of a faf on with the keys though.
  16. Rook shooting

    Yes it is good fun,we usually start second week in May up here.I took my Grandson with me last year,I said to him did he want a go,not thinking that he would hit one.Bloody hell he shot 15 off the shoulder no sticks,don't know who was most pleased him or me.Going back soon.
  17. kidney stones

    Been there, as you say very painful to say the least.Get well soon Chris.
  18. Hilux Invincible

    Hello had this happen on a Fourtrak, just wound the lock stops out a bit till the tyres stopped rubbing.I don't know if Toyota's have lock stops ,cheers Chris
  19. Recommendations for made to measure tweed N Yorkshire

    Try Humphrey and Tilley in Thirsk.
  20. Crossbows

    I made my own 50 odd year's ago,I used an old Austin 7 rear spring(that's how old I am) .It was awesome as previous thread bolt went through a solid plank of wood and then right through mothers chicken shed.Sir Ralph Payne Gallway one of the great shooting men of his time was an expert on...
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