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  1. Measuring headspace / Reamer stop

    Not to detract from Jager SA's thread... Thought I'd start a new one. In case anyone is interested, I bored & threaded a ring 1.000" long, so to measure how much more to ream, it's a case of measuring the depth to the gauge and doing the sums... Then made an adjustable reamer stop
  2. Well done Hampshire Constabulary

    One for one turned around in 8 working days: a massive improvement considering it took 3 months last time...!
  3. Sinclair International discount code

    DLJ Save $20 if you spend more than $200 Enter the code at checkout: worked for me :) Runs out on the 5th though (tomorrow)
  4. Ase Ultra website update

    Ase Utra Sound Suppressors | Ase Utra (As posted on another website)
  5. London Lawyer vs Glasgow Cop

    A London lawyer runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by a Glasgow copper. He thinks that he is smarter than the cop because he is a lawyer from LONDON and is certain that he has a better education than any Jock cop. He decides to prove this to himself and have some fun at the Glasgow cops...
  6. Serrated knives

    Does anyone use serrated blades? I've tended to stay away from them because I can't be bothered to sharpen serrations. I'm wondering if it might be easier to say split the rib cage with serrations?
  7. First 4x4: need tyre recommendation

    I was running a Nissan Primera, but I took it to the garage last week and was told it needed significant work to fix the exhaust and steering, effectively writing it off. Mind you I probably hastened its demise by shaking it to pieces down bumpy roads :twisted: So, I was thinking along the...
  8. Christmas presents?

    What's Santa bringing you this year? Santa's brown clothed helper dropped one of these carts off this week - I'm going to try it out tomorrow :D (I wanted a 4wd but it wouldn't have fitted on the sleigh)
  9. Dog coat

    What does anyone use if anything? My dog gets cold whilst sat under high seats for long periods, especially when it's raining, any suggestions? Cheers, Mat
  10. C4 tonight: Watch Food: What goes in your Basket?

    First few minutes... I wish my butchering was that quick! :shock: Food: What Goes in your Basket? - 4oD - Channel 4
  11. Barrel thread for moderator

    My barrel is currently threaded with 1/2" UNF, I'm thinking of having it cut back and threaded to 5/8" UNEF so that I can use my other mod with it and get rid of a mod... Only trouble is that the barrel is only .670" wide at that point - is that enough for supporting an end can?
  12. Electric mincer @ LIDL If only I hadn't just bought a hand mincer... :doh:
  13. Rib shears

    Has anyone got any recommendations? I find my meat saw doesn't work very brilliantly... I've got some poultry shears from Ikea that don't work too well, other than that, I've seen some here: Or what about the 'Gerber Bone Crusher'?
  14. Schmidt & Bender: classic variable vs Zenith

    Having just bought a classic variable, I was just wondering what the difference is compared with a Zenith: is it just a case of different reticles / shape of objective? Or does it have different glass too?
  15. Cheap spotting scope at Aldi on Thursday £19.99
  16. Lead free bullets

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Hornady GMX or the Nosler E-tip??? Both appear to be made from gilding metal rather than the pure copper Barnes, all available from Midway UK and both a bit cheaper than Barnes.
  17. Fallkniven F1

    I took one my target shooting buddies out on a stalk, I got him to bring a knife as I knew he has a few, he brought his Fallkniven F1. I got him onto a young fallow doe which he shot (nice easy shot about 50 yards from a highseat). Then I did the gralloch with his knife... B*gger me, I could...
  18. Another sound moderator

    Spotted on the SYSS website: The dimensions, spec, pictures and construction makes it sound leads me to believe it's another A-tec 'inspired' one not dissimilar to Jager Sporting Arms offering.
  19. Deer stalking expert

  20. Article in Independent

    My in-laws gave me a copy of this (in print), found it on their website: