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  1. For Sale: Buck Ranger knife.

    Buck Ranger knife. I see there is a number 112 on the knife and the sheath. That will mean something to some of you. Good general knife. I reckon £55 posted, but £50 if you pick it up. I have other photos. I see this one is upside down and I don’t have the skills to rotate it.
  2. For Sale: Classic Puma stalking knife.

    Nice old Puma. Reasonable condition, but it has gralloched a few beasts in its day. I’m unlikely to use it again so someone can maybe give it a new lease of life. I think £110 posted would be fine, but pick it up and it’s yours for £100. I have a lot more photos.
  3. Gutless Ranger.

    No, not a Commission employee!! My Ford Ranger has become a gutless machine. Starts first time. Idles perfectly. I can rev it furiously in the driveway. Come to a wee slope - useless. Long hills are a nightmare. Some of you will know what the matter is. I must say it’s probably 12 years old and...
  4. Wanted: Browning Shotgun Case

    I’m looking for a Browning shotgun case. A solid one. Anybody got one for sale? Thankyou.
  5. Perth - fridge mechanic?

    Guys, one of the coke coolers we use for the beasts needs gassed - we are told. Any suggestions as to people in the Perth area who can help? Thank you.
  6. Sika Deer in Scotland.

    Hi guys. Could you tell me if there are Sika east of Inverness, or how far to the east Sika may have spread?
  7. Glasgow Herald and deer.

    If you haven’t much to do and want to get your blood pressure up, may I suggest you google - Glasgow Herald & SNH & Deer & Assynt Plenty to gnash about in there as several items will come up on the page. Of course, not everybody in this fine forum is likely to be affected by the machinations of...
  8. Deer Management

    The University of the Highlands and Islands is offering a 15 week CPD course in Sustainable Deer Management. I’m mentioning it here as in the literature I have received, as I have been accepted onto it, is the caveat that if the numbers are low it may not go ahead. So, basically I’m saying, have...
  9. Advanced Deer Management - Bankfoot

    I've just signed up for the BDS Advanced Deer Management course to be held in Bankfoot in September. Rather handy for me. Seems a good opportunity to invest in oneself. Sadly, as I write, I am imagining a number of negative comments, as that, unfortunately, is how this fine forum works. May I...
  10. Deer (Scotland) Act 1996

    An article on Facebook, quoting the Press and Journal where a person has been refused certificate(s) as he did not submit his cull return pursuant to the above Act. Can any of you enlighten me as to what goes on? When did we have to start doing this - and to whom? Some of you, I suggest, will...
  11. Pipe tube.

    Hi folks. Anybody here using a pipe tube to carry their stalking sticks - or what have you created to carry them? They get in the road and I'd like to have them on the roof. Thank you.
  12. Glasgow Binocular Repair.

    Morning chaps. The above company seems to have closed down, but I wonder if any of you have a number for "Dougie" and if he might still be working. Thank you.
  13. Wanted: Mannlicher parts - urgent help required.

    Folks, a plea from a friend of mine in darkest Africa. He need bits for his Steyr Mannlicher - S in 375. Basically he needs a whole lot of bits relating to the magazine/trigger guard etc, etc. He has managed to find all the part numbers on an online catalogue - quite amazing - but is only...
  14. Wanted: SA Certificate of export - update?

    Lads and lasses, the latest posts on the Certificate of Export are a little dated. What is the latest news please and, I would be very grateful for the relevant e mail address and phone number of the relevant parties who deal with this. Anybody gone from Scotland recently? If so, what news...
  15. Trickle Charger

    Evening all. I don't use my quad enough and I often have to charge the battery before I head off. That's nothing. However, to save me doing that I bought a solar powered trickle charger, but when I went out today it's (the battery) as flat as a pancake. I'm wondering if it's flat, flat, flat...
  16. SNH Review.

    I am not technically literate, but if you go to BBC News website, go to Scotland and look for "Wild Deer Important to Scotland Says Review" - you will find a link to this report. All very interesting. 108 pages I think, but you don't have to read them all!
  17. Carcass preparation/ butchery course.

    Guys, Woodsmoke on this site is offering a butchery/ carcass prep day at Newtyle, which is not far from sunny Dundee. Might we get a few interested parties to make up a day? Woodsmoke is requesting that we PM him/her so that some sort of idea of demand is assessed. At the moment I am wasting far...
  18. Tied up.

    Calm yourselves lads - it's not the fetish section. I'd be grateful for information on what you are using to tie your beasts onto the back/front of the quad. Rope really is a pain - or maybe that's just because I never aspired to my Scout knots badge. Try as I may I have never grasped the...
  19. Available: Dublin Triathlon

    I put this in this section just as an amusement. Look at the BBC world news and you will see an article about a deer colliding with a competitor - who I believe is relatively OK. I am sure this will raise calls for a massive cull of deer in the city. There are two Fallow in the photo. I believe...
  20. Hitlers Hunting Experiment.

    On the telly now.