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    I recently had a PES moderator fitted to my 6.6x55 and think that it's made a really good difference. Reduced noice, muzzle flip and the deer, if standing in a group, do seem less disturbed, so more chance of a second shot.

    The only negative is the weight and increased length. The increased length is a problem in my enclosed highseats.

    Steve Bowers at Specialist Rifle Services fitted mine - seems to have done a great job and clearly knows more about rifles than is good for a man!

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    Steve O


    Had one fitted 5 years ago and wouldn't go back. I know some stalkers who are dead against them, but for me the pro's outweigh the cons.

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    They are a fad! Been stalking for 33 years and never seen the need for one. Had plenty of multiple shots and recoil and muzzle flip isn't a problem - I don't know too many people shooting 375 in UK.

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    Hi Guy's

    I'm looking at getting a moderator fitted and looking at a PES moderator, a ASE S5 and the ASe jet Z has anybody anyexperiance of any of these mods?

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    hello to all this is my first post
    i am still new to the sport and have only been stalking for just over 2 years. but i had a reflex t8 added to my setup in late july. i think they are absolutly marvelous!
    my first outing with the new setup resulted in a nice bronze medal roe buck, the shot didnt even disturd the two does sat 20 yards from him. i have also now had success shooting multiple beasts.
    the muzzle flip and muzzle flash are non existant, so shots at dusk from seats are more of an option. with a mod you can see exactly where the bullet lands, which i struggled with when i didnt have one fitted.
    but the biggest bonus, for me anyway is the fact that the game keeper allows me nearer his pens and in the woods, which has opened up my stalking no end and keeping him happy means more stalking
    my opinion of moderators is like most things, each to their own. my stalking situation suits me to have a mod, some people may not need one. if your shooting lots of fallow does, a moderator will come in handy

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    Sound MOD.

    I have had 2 Reflex moderators on my .243.The 1st one lasted a 12month, the 2nd 18 months.My rifle is very much used on a daily basis and out in all weathers.Despite being sprayed inside with a light oil after each outing,the Reflex still rusted through.I now use a ASE UTRA which is a lot more better built(stainless steel) for extende life.It adds amere 4.5" to overall length of the barrel,same as the reflex.A moderator is a must for my stalking grounds,as not to wake up the neighbour hood when I am shooting.

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    Just realized my ignorance of differences in terms made my post look quite stupid. What you call "moderators" we call "silencers". Strictly illegal where I live, and so I know nothing.

    Of course, you all figured that out already, didn't you.

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    Rifles and moderators

    I have a friend who had a moderator fitted but never took it off the rifle.

    Big mistake. The moderator rusted onto the end of barrels. He's now gone for a PES, put on by a different engineer who cut back a length of barrel and started again.

    It's important to remember that where the screw has been cut into the end of the barrel, it's more susceptible to corrosion. So you should regularly apply a little oil or vasceline to the screw cut, as a barrier to stop it happening.

    The PES moderator is also stainless steel and the one I had fitted a while ago doesn't have a spot of rust (and it does go out in all weathers).

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    I'm with deertracker, I went through 2 t8's in 18 months. They were very quite but just dont last with heavy use. I know have 1 rifle modded and one not. Recently I have been favouring the unmodded rifle, lighter, shorter and more natural to use.

    I have noticed that the deer tend to react to the strike as opposed to the report of the rifle and quite often will run towards you instead of away. This has resulted in many more multiple shot opportunities.

    That said, if I'm on land with no close neighbours, I now take my unmoderated 30.06 every time.

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    Have just joined the group. But I have managed deer all over the UK for close on 28 years. The T8 on my 25.06 is just great, and you do tend to get better grouping. It also keeps the deer settled and I find this helps greatly with Jap Sika, especially if I have clients out with me. Although my 25.06 is stainless, you must take of the moderator from time to time and clean with a small amount of WD 40 and very lightly grease the thread to ensure you do not get any problems. I know many professional stalkers, and I have not heard of any real complaints.

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