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Thread: fox while deer stalking

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    fox while deer stalking

    I have a 7mm08 for deer, I never do any foxing unless its with the shotgun, I do not have fox on the ticket for the rifle, but wish to add fox when deer stalking, as the other week one was 100 yds away as we were packing up stalking.

    what do the panel think the chances are?

    on the same Idea I want to use the 7mm08 for wild boar, which was the reason for swapping from a 243, but the farm I was to use it on had a change of farm manager(my mate) and I lost the land.

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    Hello, I have all my stalking rifles on my F.C. for Fox control, whilst stalking! I explained that I can't be expected to tote around 2 rifles in the field. I had no probs with the FEO. Just be genuine and explain your needs and you should have no problem. obviously must have a piece of ground to nominate.

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    I have approved conditions for fox shooting while deer stalking for both the .260 and for the 7-08, wasnt a problem after explaining the intent, in spite of the ridiculous HO guidance which IMHO is for the guidance of wise men and unfortunately too often the obedience of Fools.

    It is worth asking your local FEO anyway.

    The 7-08 for Pigs (Boar) works ok with a 150 Gn Federal Power Shok, but I feel is at the low end of the required calibres for that purpose. BUT..... bullet placement will make up for lack of ooomph!

    In my experience Pigs run , no matter what you use.... my 2 pennorth FWIW


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    Fox's while stalking

    I have fox control/stalking on my rifles with no problem, the Wild Boar isn't a problem If you have ground with them on but in our area without ground of your own you have no chance.

    Tikka 260 said

    In my experience Pigs run , no matter what you use.... my 2 pennorth FWIW

    Try a 375 H & H with a 250 grain swift 'A' frame I find they fall over on the spot.


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    I reckon anything from .308 up will do the job. I think I might use a 180 gn bullet though.

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    Roebuck said
    I reckon anything from .308 up will do the job. I think I might use a 180 gn bullet though
    I quite agree I see a 140lber fall over last on the spot last week with .308 165grn,
    I've also seen one run 70yards with a 200grn 8x68, about 50 yards with a 180grn 300wsm.
    I think the bigger the better. We stalk them on foot at night on the edge of deep cover, so the faster they fall over the better for me.

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    I rang the FEO he agreed on the fox while stalking deer, and as long as I can show some land with boar on he will add boar.

    I mentioned Croatia where I have been invited to shoot deer/boar and bear, he was ok on deer and boar but thought the bear a bit much

    I explained they are about the size of a red deer with the legs off

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    Interestingly whilst having an argument about putting boar on my .270 I was recently talking "off the record" to a Firearms Officer about this very problem as I have a .243 which has fox on it and a .270 which doesn't. I wondered what would happen if I shot a fox with my .270 as I had been asked to do by a keeper if I saw one after the chance of deer had passed.

    He told me that, as any restriction on quarry and ground is imposed by a Chief Constable as a condition, and is not persuant to any law (unless one requiring certain minimum calibres/ballistics) any breach of these had almost no chance of resulting in a prosecution, even if discovered.

    I then said "ah yes, but what about when my FAC comes up for renewal", he strangely wasn't quite so clear on this!

    With regard to the boar after a long argument, and after I made him get the HO guidelines and established that there was no reason within these why he should not give me the variation, he agreed to give me boar on the .270 but only if I could provide complete details of the ground and police force so that it could be checked. He said that, as there are no boar in that constabulary area, his Chief Constable "didn't want to be ground breaking on this."

    Understandably the stalker on whose ground I was going to shoot did not want his landlord being rung up by various other constabularies wanting details of the ground and boar present and declined to give me sufficent detail, a written invitation from the stalker with contact numbers was not enough. In the end I used the estate rifles which were fine - it was just a point of principle.

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    i got foxes on my fac for all of my deer rifles right up to 300 win mag even though id hadnt even thought about or asked for it

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    I have just changed all my rifles usage conditions so they now show 'Pest Control and Sporting Purposes'. This terminology seems to me to cover all eventualities without having to specify Deer, Boar, Fox, Pheasants, Big Cats etc etc.

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