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    Im just looking at purchasing a set of telescopic sticks,what do you lot prefer bipod or tripod ones.i used tripod ones when i did my dsc1 which were pretty steady but not sure how quick you could set them out.

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    I've got both Andy and will soon go back to using bean poles again! Too much hassle!

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    Over the years i have used single,bipod and tripod and find that the latter is without doubt the steadiest. More hassle I would agree, but with use you do get pretty quick with them. I use mine at night a lot for foxes and have no problem setting them up quickly and quietly in total darkness. I suppose it rather depends on the type of shooting you are using them for. I am using a Bushwear tripod at pesent and find it does the job, with these you can always take one leg off if necessary! To stop any rattle, strategically placed lamb castration rings will solve the problem. Good shooting.

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    I too have both but most of my shots are taken prone or sitting I found the tripod fiddly trying to get the right height and in the right place in the end the beast had enough waiting for me and went off I suppose they are ok for standing in one spot while waiting for deer to appear but I do a lot of walking and it just takes to much time
    I took a shot with the bipod sticks the other day and found leaning up against a tree gives you more stability I guess the more you use them the better you get

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    i use 3xmi extendable bipods , i hav 2 pairs so there is always a spare handy for any of my freinds that stalk with me , i hav used a single stick but sometimes the wobbles got the better of that and never really got on using a tripod but practice helps to make perfect with what ever you choose
    good luck

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    I use a tripod, Sportsman always seem to have them offer.

    Mainly used at night for fox or in the summer rabbit shooting in tall grass/crops.

    They are fine to set up once you get the knack.


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    I've never used telescopic sticks, mainly because I use my sticks as a third leg. I must confess that mine are shop bought ones, my dear wife gave them to me as a present. They have a bolt through the top, about 6" from the end, a leather fixing to keep the bottoms together when not in use and metal pointed ferules at the bottom. They are adjustable in so far as you are able to reduce the leg length, for use when sitting, as each leg is made of two parts and jst slide together. I find them easy and hassle free to use, and I have used them for seven or eight years now. I really like my missus


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    2 garden canes tied together at top. To stop the unwamted clatter, carry them up side down. ( Now they are tied at the bottom, and you hold the top, no clatter!!) If you tie them correctly, you can slide the knot up or down to adjust the height, and they will even do fron a kneeling position. I have actually got a tripod made from the shorter, thinner poles that I take when I know I will be stationary and ambushing(waiting) for foxes. Very cheap.

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    I have the telescopic sticks and after a while the adjuster packs in and you cant get them to lock in place properly. I have locked mine the best I gan and taped them open. I for one will be making some sticks from the garden cains next. I will coat them full length with electrical shrink wrap to give them a rubberised texture and pipe lagging at the top where the rifle will go in the standing position.


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    l use 2 green garden poles joined at the top with cable ties and then taped over with gaffa tape and 2 rubber o rings about 18 in from the bottom to stop them clattering together, l never go woodland stalking without them and like ladystalker says if you can get yourself up against a tree when using sticks it allows you a much steadier shot, only the other day l took a doe at 110yds of the sticks from against a tree l would not of taken a shot at that distance (other than prone or sitting) if l did not have something else to steady me, they are an asset when stalking and you just need to practice deployment and shooting, l used my 22 rimi for practicing and getting used to them, its much cheaper .

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