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Thread: Seriously heavy Duty and actually Waterproof trousers recomendations please

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    Seriously heavy Duty and actually Waterproof trousers recomendations please

    Dear All,

    I am after a pair of waterproof trousers or bib and brace that are ACTUALLY waterproof and not just capable of keeping you dry for an hour at max.

    I am fed up of perpetually getting wet. I have had a great many different jackets and trousers over the years ranging from the super expensive to the cheap, from Paramo, ventile, waxed clothing, goretex, tweed and a whole range of other membranes to the very cheap 14.99 waterproofs from your local outdoor shop.

    Nothing seems to be actually waterproof, despite all these claims from manufacturers the only thing i have come close to is deerhunter gear and paramo, however by profession i am in the deer/forestry and fencing industry so wear them most days this time of the year (and many other days through the year at times) so need something not too expensive (no Harkila type suggestions and prices please) really durable and resistant to abrasion that can cope with kneeling in a muddy puddle whilst you do something, cope with bits of wire and thorns/brambles reasonably well and ultimately keep me dry.

    I did try the sherwood kingswood trousers last winter (amongst some others) and in principle they seem to tick a lot of boxes being very tough and durable but kept the rain out for about 30 mins - 1hour of each wet day. When i took them back to a certain country store and said please could i return them for a refund she asked why and i said they aren't waterproof, and she looked at me blankly and then said "what do you mean, they aren't waterproof? Do you mean they leak?" I said no they aren't waterproof, the fabric is not waterproof, the water seeps straight through the fabric,

    also before any of you suggest it, it is not sweat or perspiration condensing and wetting out inside, but thank you though.

    any way, enough of a rant, if anyone can help let me know please.


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    I thought gortex was 100 percent, I dont use any gortex garments myself, stuff i tried was too noisey

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    have a look at the swazi overtrousers very good gear

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    I make a bit of clothing so have a bit of an understanding of the subject.

    A totally waterproof, breathable, durable pair of trousers at under 200 is the holly grail. The abuse we give our kit, fences, brambles, hawthorne, crawling is like no other anyone gives kit in any other sport. We all want breathability these days otherwise you get just as wet from sweat as you do from external water. It also has to be soft and quiet or we all complain it scares the deer off.

    On one hand you need to build something that's built like a brick out house, on the other it's got to be quiet, soft and breathable. In terms of fabrics alone, forgetting garment design, the combination doesn't exist, there has to be compromise.

    We have tested a great many fabrics. The most durably waterproof, breathable fabric available is Gore Tex. Lot's of other people make claims, but none measure up to it. Unfortunately it's expensive, and it will not stand up to a barbed wire fence or a hawthorne bush.

    If you want durable, relatively cheap and waterproof if you treat them regularly, get some good quality waxed cotton over trousers. For people beating there is little that out performs it. Something like the heavy duty Barbour ones will last a few seasons if re treated each year.

    If you want breathable and waterproof get some laminated gore tex trousers (not drop lined), but be prepared to shell out 250. If you stalk on the hill, working hard, covering long distance and vertical ascent they are well worth the cash. But don't expect to be able to drag them through a hawthorne bush.

    It is unfortunately a game of compromise.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Harkila pro hunter - NOT the cr4ppy pro hunter X But as noted you will pay top dollar for them


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    Thanks for the info guys and Nigel too.

    It is more for the fencing/forestry/landscaping side of work as opposed to stalking so the need for quiet clothing or soft and pliable fabric is not important, but you are right its a compromise and trade off.

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    I must admit I do like the barbour type material, am currently using one of them coats at the mo, they have a cold feel to them, to be honest ive never noticed a coat or trousers breatheable, seem to sweat like a rapist whatever I am wearing

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    If you're not worried about noise then look outside our sport. Something in a tough 4oz nylon from a sailing manufacturer which will also be breathable. They are about as tough as it gets.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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