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Thread: Stalking Training with IanF

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    Stalking Training with IanF

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd share my experience of last weekend with anyone interested.
    Recently became interested in deer stalking and have been out a few times on guided stalks, although I'm yet to shoot my first (stalked) deer. Been out in Scotland and Berkshire for roe and realised that the majority of shots I would be taking would be off sticks. This is totally new to me although I am a marine and am used to firearms, shooting, various positions etc. Was lucky enough to go out with Sikamalc, Wadashot and pheasant sniper in Feb (belated thanks to you all!) observing how they stalked and watched as Wadashot took a sika. Also went out in Berkshire with KevinF from the site who got me very close to a roe doe and I missed what most would consider an absolute gift of a shot. Again many thanks to Kevin who was very patient and never once took the p**s out of me for missing such an easy shot!

    I realised I had to do something about this and get some practise/advice ref shooting from sticks if I was to progress any further. Also doing my DSC 1 shortly and obviously don't want to make an a**e of the range test! During my time searching for guided stalks on the web I stumbled across IanF who works from Devon (who I've also seen posting on this site) who put a package together for me to give me an awareness of positional training with regard to using sticks, theory , sound advice and some top tips. Found my shooting improved hugely and I'm now more confident about using sticks as an aid. Later in the afternoon we went stalking and, although conditions were terrible, Ian managed to stalk us up to a group of 3 roe does that unfortunately didn't hang around. We then reached the high seat where Ian spotted a fallow. Unfortunately I never saw it til it legged it although it quite conveniently hung around for a good while while I searched(and failed to find!) for it. Clearly I need to re read my "why things are seen" lectures (somewhere back in basic training quite a few years ago).

    Not an advert but credit where its due, had a great day and learnt a whole heap (as I did when I was out with Sikamalc and KevinF). Can wholeheartedly recommend Ian to anyone in the same predicament as myself.

    Still got to shoot my first stalked deer though....!

    All the best


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    Good Post and well done to everyone involved. You'll get your first soon I'm sure, then you'll have that memory for a lifetime, I still remember my first, 23 years ago.

    This site again proving itself to the leader in this enviroment to both the novice and expert alike.


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    Si, welcome to the site and that's a good post. I've printed it off, framed it and put it in the bog, as it must be the first time a booty has ever admitted he missed!

    I'm afraid you can re-read Shape, Shine, Shadow, Silhouette etc until your eyes fall out and it doesn't really help. Over time your eyes get 'deer aware' and your brain registers what you are seeing that little bit earlier. Even so, they routinely amaze me with they way they just appear. Last week having huffed, puffed and crashed about getting into a high seat before first light, after 45 minutes of P&Q two roe does just materialised behind some dry stems about 30 yards away. Walking over the ground subsequently I found a couple of depressions in the leaf litter and I reckon they had been laid up, effectively in full view, since before I got into the seat. Not the first time I've looked at deer and not seen them and I'm damn sure it wont be the last.

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    Fair one bud! Glad to be of service!

    On your second point its quite amazing how(in my limited experience) such a large animal can hide itself so effectively.

    Now I'm going to beast myself senseless until my eyes bleed for admitting weakness in front of the "opposition"

    All the best


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    Hi Si

    Great to see you had a good time with Ian & Little Jo

    Good luck and hope the stalked deer is on the cards asap


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hi Terry,

    Had a great time. Also thanks to yourself, Malcolm and Wadashot for letting me tag along on one of your days. Each time I go out i learn something.

    Off out 1st or 2nd April which is just after i do my DSC 1 so with any luck my first will be a buck.

    All the best


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    Si, good writeup!, just a small add on to your list, Always have a look behind you as you progress through your stalking, I have been watched from behind a couple of times
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    it will all come together for you in the end mate, look forward to your next write up when hopefully things go in your favour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silightfoot View Post
    Also went out in Berkshire with KevinF from the site who got me very close to a roe doe and I missed what most would consider an absolute gift of a shot. Again many thanks to Kevin who was very patient and never once took the p**s out of me for missing such an easy shot!
    Si -

    That's because I have missed too and I know how it feels.

    You will make a fine stalker in, I think, pretty short order, because you are interested in the whole deal - not simply squeezing the trigger. Folks, I'd recommend Si as an attentive and receptive beginner.
    KevinF -

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    Si, good luck on the 1st, sure your luck will change even for a "Booty" I too framed it like Bandit Country

    As for Bandit Country those 2 does were probably playing bingo and he still missed them

    Nice to read the threads and see how genuine people are to help, there are still some genuine country
    folk about.

    Straight shooting (well as straight as a booty can ha)


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