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Thread: 22/250 light loads

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    22/250 light loads

    Evening folks,
    I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but I am working up a few loads with Tin Star and a 62gr fmj bullet, for practice at 100 metres maximum. So far 11gr is reasonably accurate without excessive noise.
    Anyone else got any data for Tin Star or similar in 22/250?

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    I use TrailBoss for my reduced loads in the 22-250. 12 grains under a 52grain SMK makes it more akin to a rimfire. Accurate to 100 yards.

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    TrailBoss is the other powder I will try, have a tub of it for the .38spl, cheers!

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    Thanks Steve, that's very helpful,



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    I am using 11gr Tin Star with 62gr FMJ not very good military bullets with a 1 in 8 Border barrel to clover leaf, at the worst, at 100m, well worth a go for economical and quiet practice or short range vermin use, with moderator its like a .22hornet noise level.

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