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Thread: brno fox 1"scope rings

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    brno fox 1"scope rings

    On the lookout for a set of 1" mounts to fit a brno fox .22 hornet and thought I'd ask on here first. Scope is a meopta 7x50 if it helps as from what I've read there could be some bolt clearance issues. Thanks in advance.

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    A 1 inch tube 7x50 or even an 8x56 will fit in the standard CZ supplied 1 inch rings, from memory these are
    .550" high, measured from top of dovetail to bottom of scope tube.


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    Thanks, useful to know. I've seen some warne and sportsmatch mounts that look suitable, unfortunately the rifle came with a set of 30mm rings so need to change them.

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    Foxpro is selling a set here and if it is a Fox II these are the rings that fit it:

    For Sale: Tikka / Bruno CZ527 Scope Rings

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    Thanks chaps. Do you think medium rings would be ok with the 50mm objective?

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    Quote Originally Posted by labrador77 View Post
    Thanks chaps. Do you think medium rings would be ok with the 50mm objective?
    I have the exact rings on my foxmd2 .222 sporting a Nikko 8x50

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