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Thread: Help on ammo safe

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    Help on ammo safe

    Hi the needing some advice on a ammo safe ! Just bought my self my first gun cabinet and I need a ammo safe to go with it don't need a big one just one big enought for a three or four boxes of ammo can any suggest what they use and where I could get one 😁thanks Matt

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    Have a look online plenty of small safes available fou under 50 just need a suitable location for it
    you say you have just bought a gun cabinet, should have got one with a lockable ammo storage included

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    B&Q small safes should be Fine

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    The Buffalo River ones are good - I've got two of the keypad ones (circa 65 each)...

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    My FEO advised the cheapest safe large enough, Argos was fine, he also said combination better than keys as then no issue of keys security, ie mods ammo and cabinet keys in the safe. Don't forget to change battery before it goes flat and keep over ride key in a separate secure private place. Tom

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    got 2 b n q smalls ,25 quid each .2 keys police approved and even come with fixings mine hold enough ammo to keep me happy and are strong enough to keep my feo happy.dont DONT get a keypad safe.theres so many video,s on you tube where theyre opened in seconds atb

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    I have recently had an issue with this, so would like to pass on the lesson I learnt! Buy big first time!

    I initially had only RFs and bought a small safe from Screwfix I think it was for 30. Worked perfectly. But then I got in to CFs and needed something bigger as I had a locked military ammo box as well as the small safe and it was all getting a bit messy.

    Bought the Buffalo River one, 55 in my local gunshop. Wish I had done this straight away! Can get bolts, silencers, magazines and enough ammo for all 3 calibres to start WW3! Also when we go away the valuables can go in there too.

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    I've got a brand new un mounted ammo safe for sale with keys and mounting holes it's the same colour as a brattonsound and very heavy duty

    itll hold about 20 boxes of shotgun carts so about 500 just to give you an idea on size

    pm me if your interested

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    B&Q etc safes are fine just check they say police approved or in accordance with the criteria number (whatever it is).

    Size is the main worry of most people as big as you can fit in would be my advice personally.

    mine is a lock top in built in approximately 30cmX20cmX15cm (ish) which can comfortably hold,

    200 shotgun cartridges

    150 .22

    100 Centerfire

    a tub of pyrodex and some other black powder paraphernalia (bullets caps etc)

    and bolts.

    never personally had the need to store any more than that.

    as long as its not really in the way or can't be tucked away out of sight it isn't too big.

    In regards to lock type key and or biometrics not number pad.


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    B&Q ones are fine. Well they are in Northumbria Police eyes anyway, that's what I use with the pin code so you don't need to worry about keys lying around.

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