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Thread: card style firearms/shotgun verts

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    card style firearms/shotgun verts

    Been thinking about this and was wondering why we in the UK don't have card style licenses like other countries, would save having to carry our certificates on every outing.

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    Trouble is with non paper licences is that as we are so controlled post 1988 with the requirements of documenting ammo purchases, transfer of shotguns etc, there would be nowhere to write all the info down.
    It would be easier that carrying all the paper though.

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    The obvious answer is to computerise the whole system (most of it already is) so you swipe your card and the till updates your record with what you have bought. Would also flag up that you can't buy something. Alas we can only dream.

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    The driving licences are doing away with the paper bits now. All your points (if any of course) can be accessed electronically by those needing to know, such as car hirers, insurers or whoever.

    In the same way, ammo purchases and firearms transactions could be done. The problem comes with private transactions, how could these be recorded? Not insurmountable, you could ask your local gun shop to do it (pricing would have to be agreeable) or perhaps a call to your licencing office (although I'm sure they won't want to take that on).

    Possibly something we could get that would be a positive when the dreaded price of certificates goes up.

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    ive often wondered this myself,a swipe card pick up mod swipe,buy ammo swipe, buy rifle swipe,you do it for fuel food money ,plus everythings linked to your pc or phone etc,i know its not to everyones liking in case it goes belly up but dont tell me this system we have now works because it doesnt you only have to check some threads on any number of forums to see the system at the moment is ======up the police havent got a scooby doo whats out there and whats not,plus the majority of cert holders myself included are delerious with form filling just to get half of what you asked for or none at all ,or even too much or its printed / worded wrong, most people panic at the thought of getting in touch with the feo or police,

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    the E commerce Set up for fire arms licencing has been under review etc for a long time whether that will also change the form the licence takes i dont know

    looks like its waiting on the Home office to uncover teh file and look at it

    point 3.2

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