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    starlight arrow

    Finally got my starlight arrow all set up and working. Using a T67 IR can now see upto 300 yards. Great bit of kit went out other night had 5 foxes Definately worth the money

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    Glad to hear you've had success with it. I have one but so far have only used it on the 22 for bunnies. How did you overcome the additional eye relief, which i suspect is more neccessary on a foxing calibre for the sake of your eye!!

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    I have a mate that makes adjustable back plates to fit on the stock so you can change the length of stclock easy. When i get chance i will post a pic. This means the eye relief is no problem.

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    How good are those t 67 kits is it the one from ludicrous lumins ?

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    I had to get a new scope with less magnification that and use of t67. I did get my t67 from ludicrous lumins and would recommend it is good.

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    Thanks Dan that would be very helpful

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    Ideal cheers will look into buying a green one.

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    You should see how far you can see with a quantum firefly on it!
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I'm thinking of getting one of these or maybe a photon. Now they've been out a while how are they performing the field? And if anyone has used both which one would you recommend?

    I'd be looking to put it on a 22.250 for foxing. I know that there's much better kit out there but the Arrow would be stretching my budget to the absolute limit so unless there's something else I've missed I think it's going to be between these two.



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    anyone had experience of the Marky 610 add on, I'm in the market for a night vision and have a N 550, but want an add on for multiple rifles. deerwarden

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