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Thread: quite a shot

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    quite a shot

    cant be a standard 12 ft lbs rifle? the ground squirrel video pretty good too - all about the basics, trajectory and current conditions


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    He should be checking his backstop with that setup - no different from a subsonic .22, I should think. ��

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    According to FX website Bobcat .25 Fac...... 48 ft/lbs


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    That was an impressive shot. Wasn't too impressed to begin with when I saw the Iphone attachment but then realised it was pest control. It's not 'how', it's 'how many?', right?
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    Have watched quite a lot of his videos for a few years. Teds Holdover I think it is??? Really informative stuff especially when he shoots in a wind. The slo-mo highlights the pellet flight path also which is interesting. There's one where he tries shooting flying pigeons with the air rifle. Gets one but not the one he's aiming for! Makes me want to go to the clay ground and see if I can nail one with the air rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by takbok View Post
    He should be checking his backstop with that setup - no different from a subsonic .22, I should think. ��
    Obviously you have never shot in the USA or been to where they have grain stores, best not to think

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