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Thread: trained hunter number - dcs1

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    trained hunter number - dcs1

    done my dsc1 but never really scrutinised the paperwork. Is the ceertificate number my trained hunter number or is that something else?



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    Yes thats it, at least thats the number I have to enter on my carcase tags.

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    I was about to ask the same question, having just received my DSC1 certificate.

    Is there any way to check that my name+number is correctly registered in a database somewhere so e.g. a Game Dealer can verify that I am who I say ?

    And is there a mechanism for updating my details if I change address etc ?

    My certificate number (15xxx) doesn't seem very secure, it seems it might be easy for someone to guess a similar number, maybe mine, and pass off e.g. poached or uninspected game ?

    Or do I have to show my certificate to the dealer as well ?

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    I thought the same thing, as in it was to follow in the post, not very clear is it!

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    This is a new one on me its, a certificate number the trained hunter status is a part of the certification nothing else

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post
    This is a new one on me its, a certificate number the trained hunter status is a part of the certification nothing else
    welcome to the new world order
    that is why the Trained hunter came upon-us in my opinion
    just because it is llinked to DSC1 , it seems it is not recognised unless you hav trained hunter status
    NGO over came this by giving out a credit card type pass with all the relevant data on
    but you still had to do the NGO large animal handling course to get it
    now where does that leave DSC1 ??????????
    so c'mon guys treat us fairly for fecks sake

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    Not sure of the procedure if you are only selling the odd carcase, probably take it to the dealer and produce a copy of your certificate.

    In my case where I am selling a lot of carcases I am issued with carcase tags by the game dealer each year, a tag must be attached to each carcase with the following information.




    Where shot. Estate, forestry block etc.

    Hunter identification . this is my name followed by my certificate number.

    The dealer also holds a copy of my trained hunter status.

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    Ive put a lot of deer to dealers over the years, I only ever fill in the DCS book IE sex ,weight and location thats it .

    I take the majority of the deer I shoot to the butcher directly and I fill out the same DCS book IE Sex, Weight and Location .

    However on the estate there are cull larder tags corresponding to the carcass that goes to the game dealer the tag and a copy of the paper work goes to the DCS .

    There are three examples of dealing with carcasses, where Ive never been asked to supply and DMQ certification to say whatever ,maybe their all getting it wrong or just maybe at your end the people are over pedantic about paper work who knows, who cares .

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